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Saturday, September 26, 2015


On September 18-19 I gave a workshop in fluid acrylics titled "Painting Silver and Lace" for the Southeastern Indiana Art Guild in Aurora, Indiana.  I know most of these ladies, some for years, so I knew they were all good painters, and suspected that the 3 I did not know were also good painters.  Turns out I was correct!
Since I was being photographed during the workshop, I just turned
the tables on "the photographer"!
Whenever I teach a workshop - unless I'm teaching beginners - I always think "what can I possibly teach these people?".   But it turns out that there is always something they didn't know.

I was asked to teach this painting in fluid acrylics, a medium some of the ladies had never used and some had used, but in a different way.  Since this was a project based workshop, we all painted the same painting for which I supplied the photo and tracing.

Long story short, a good time was had by all, and most were able to complete the painting in the two days allotted.  For those who did not complete the painting that weekend, they will be able to do so at home using what they have learned.

Here they are, all holding up their paintings for "show and tell".  (You may recognize this painting!)

Over all their response was positive, and I really enjoyed the experience.