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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My daughter and I were on the way to visit a friend, and we had lunch in Osgood, Indiana on the way.

On the edge of the parking lot of the restaurant were these metal sculptures.  They look to have been created using scrap materials, and I got a kick out of them.  There must be a story behind them!

Can you see the 2 spiders?
Here's a guy on a horse - view one and . . . 

. . . view two, more from the side.  Makes me think of  Don Quixote!
There is also this guy - looks like a military man!

Friday, October 30, 2015


Me (on the left) and Ginny Stiles.  Her husband, Greg, took our photo - and since he likes trains,
Ginny suggested we pose in front of my train painting.
Ginny Stiles and her husband, Greg, stopped by on their way from Wisconsin to Florida.

Ginny and I met through our blogs, and met in person a few years ago when they were also passing through the area, but this was the first time they came to our house.

My husband "treated" them to a ride in the Gator to view the property and animals.  Then Ginny and I bonded over a cup of coffee while Greg and Mike investigated more of the property!  Unfortunately, Mike and I had to be off around 1 p.m. that day, or we would likely have spent more time together.  Ginny is enjoyable to be with, she is so full of energy and so involved in her art!

I know they planned to stay in Cincinnati overnight, and believe they toured the Cincinnati Art Museum before they headed down South. Hopefully they will return some day when we can spend more time together.

I've met so many great people through art and blogging!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


My painting at the entrance to the show.
I had missed the opening of this show, and even though I had received the show catalog, I was anxious to see it in person.

After we left Carmel we drove to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and had lunch in their cafeteria.  If you are in the area I highly recommend the "Monet Salad"!  We sat in the area overlooking the outside fountain - it was a beautiful blue sky day.

Once we were "fed and watered" we strolled over to the show.  I had heard my painting was hung in a good spot, and I have to agree!

There were several people coming and going while we looked around at the paintings, which made me happy.

If you go to the Museum, the gallery is on the first floor opposite the gift shop so you cannot miss it!

Saturday, October 24, 2015


On Thursday a friend and I drove up to Indy to see both the show at the Hoosier Salon Carmel Gallery and the Watercolor Society of Indiana show at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

I got a few more photos of the Carmel show which I'm putting up here - they are a little better since I could take more time and the room was (sadly) empty.

Each artist had one painting featured in the front window of the gallery.  No matter where I stood, there was glare or shadow - but it was better than the night of the opening when I wasn't able to get any outside photo.
Each artist had one painting featured in the front window.

The Carmel Gallery from the outside looking in.
I took photos again of the walls - in order from the front of the room to the back, then back to front on the other side.  They are a little better than the previous photos so you can get a better look at some of the paintings.

Then it was on to the WSI show at the IMA. . . . .

Monday, October 12, 2015


Saturday night was the opening at the Hoosier Salon Carmel Gallery show.  It was a beautiful early fall evening, perfect temperature, great weather, beautiful sunset!

I was finally able to meet J. Anna Roberts and Bob Bratton - the two other watercolorists in the show - both delightful people.  We all got a chance to chat throughout the evening.

At times there were a lot of people through the gallery, at times not so many.  Several people took time to really view the paintings and I'm hopeful some of mine will be purchased during the run of the show.

My very best friend and her parents came to support me, and I'm sure more of my friends and acquaintances will see the show while it hangs.  It is running concurrently with the Watercolor Society of Indiana show (hanging at the Indianapolis Museum of Art) that opened today.  I didn't attend that - two trips to Indy in two days is one too many!  So . . .

I'm planning an "art day" to Indy with some friends that will include both shows and lunch at the IMA.

A heartfelt "Thank You" to Rich Anderson (Hoosier Salon Carmel Gallery Director) and Jim May (Hoosier Salon Executive Director) for bringing this evening together.  It's a beautiful show - if you like watercolors - and who doesn't!!!

Hop in your car one of these beautiful fall days and drive to Indy to see it - along with the WSI show at the IMA!

Here are a  few photos of the opening.
This gorgeous bouquet was sent to me by my art retreat ladies!  Rich referenced my lace paintings and
found this lace doily to put under it.  Looks like a future painting to me!

Another view of the bouquet with Anna Roberts on the right, Rich Anderson (Director of
the Hoosier Salon Carmel Gallery just to her right in the striped blazer)
(This and next 3 photos)
Standing by the street entrance, panning around the room . . .

You may recognize some of these paintings from my blog!

The long wall on the right of the doorway entrance - back portion . . . 

. . . and front portion - with my flowers again!
My friend took my photo by some of my paintings - wearing a beautiful blue beaded bracelet
made for me by one of my friends - it complimented my top perfectly!
(I've decided I'm living in the wrong age - I shoulda/coulda been a Rubens model!!!)

I had to add this photo of my hair - styled for me by my Darling Daughter.
I got several compliments throughout the night!

Friday, October 9, 2015


22 N. Rangeline Road
Carmel, IN  46032

For Gallery Information and Map
Click Here

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


On October 10 "my" show will open at the Carmel Gallery - 22 Rangeline Road, Carmel, IN - from 5-9 p.m. - "Realism and Still Life".

I'm very excited about this invitational show.  The salon director invited all artists who had won an award at the 2014 Hoosier Salon Annual Show to be in a show during 2015.  I will be with Anna Roberts, TWSA, Robert Bratton and Patricia Weiss.

In order to decide what to take, I sat all of the eligible paintings around the living room and tagged them, then hauled them to my storage closet until it was time to load them into the car.

Below are a couple photos of my selection process.  Also got a "piece" of the dog in one - he was a great help, except when he got excited, jumped up, knocked over one painting, then jumped onto the ottoman - at least he didn't jump onto the back of the painting - he weights 101 pounds!!!

Being an artist entails a lot of things - including heavy hauling!  Thank goodness for HUSBANDS!!!  We loaded 16 into the car and drove them to Carmel on October 3 - in the rain, of course!  I'll look forward to seeing them hanging at the show.  I got to meet Anna as she and her  husband (also named Mike!) were hauling her paintings in - and we were able to help them carry in some of her paintings too.

If you are in the area, hope you get a chance to see the show while it hangs

Thursday, October 1, 2015


On September 26 I attended the OWS opening at Middletown Arts Center, Middletown, Ohio (about halfway between Dayton and Cincinnati - hence the name of the town???)  The show will run through October 24.  For more information click here:  MAC.

As always, it's a good show, lots of variety.  There is a lot of talent in Ohio and surrounding states - you can be a member as long as you live in a neighboring state and are a member of one of the Ohio watercolor societies.

Here are a few photos to give you the idea of some of the paintings.  Taken with my iPhone, didn't want to drag my camera around, so they are not the best, but you get the idea!

That's my contribution on the right - the large blue-ish one with the clock.

The opening itself was not as well attended as I anticipated, but the dinner made up for it!  Pleasant company, good table chatter, followed by the awards and signature presentations as well as a lifetime achievement award for one of the OWS founders - Paul Melia.  This is just a sample of his work.  (Hint:  look for the faces!)  Google him for more of his amazing images!

Below is my painting - "Central Time"

Saturday, September 26, 2015


On September 18-19 I gave a workshop in fluid acrylics titled "Painting Silver and Lace" for the Southeastern Indiana Art Guild in Aurora, Indiana.  I know most of these ladies, some for years, so I knew they were all good painters, and suspected that the 3 I did not know were also good painters.  Turns out I was correct!
Since I was being photographed during the workshop, I just turned
the tables on "the photographer"!
Whenever I teach a workshop - unless I'm teaching beginners - I always think "what can I possibly teach these people?".   But it turns out that there is always something they didn't know.

I was asked to teach this painting in fluid acrylics, a medium some of the ladies had never used and some had used, but in a different way.  Since this was a project based workshop, we all painted the same painting for which I supplied the photo and tracing.

Long story short, a good time was had by all, and most were able to complete the painting in the two days allotted.  For those who did not complete the painting that weekend, they will be able to do so at home using what they have learned.

Here they are, all holding up their paintings for "show and tell".  (You may recognize this painting!)

Over all their response was positive, and I really enjoyed the experience.

Monday, August 24, 2015


Here are the paintings at the end of the second day.  All were at about the same state of completion - that is to say - not finished!

My aim was for everyone to get one jar, board and peeling paint section completed and then they could all finish up at home.  Mission accomplished!

Each artist was happy with her work and everyone not only got along well, but created some new friendships.  I consider this weekend workshop a success!

Thursday, August 20, 2015


I held a workshop on August 15-16 for 5 students.  Our subject was some old Ball jars.  The object was to learn to paint not only the glass, but wood and peeling paint.

At the end of Day 1 this is how all of the paintings looked.

And ALL of the student work was better than the instructor's!  

If some look a bit curved, that's because we are using Arches 140# CP and not taped down, so some are getting a bit curled during the drying process.

It was so pleasant that we ate lunch outside and enjoyed the view while we got to know one another better.

Later in the afternoon we looked out across the lake to see the little piggies terrorizing the little calves - and watched all of the mama cows terrorizing the little piggies!  We decided the piggies looked like a "gang" of thugs - and they had obviously gotten out of their fenced area.  So now we have the Piglet Gang - wonder where they will strike next!  (My husband later found them and will get them back where they belong!)

Monday, August 17, 2015


On Sunday, August 2, I attended the demonstration by Kathleen Conover in conjunction with the OWS drop off day.  Kathleen was going to have a workshop that following week, and had graciously agreed to give a 2 hour demo on that Sunday.  Since the show is in "my neck of the woods" this year, I'm trying to go to as many of the events as possible (but could not attend the workshop).

Two friends went with me and I dropped my painting and another friend's painting, and then, since we were a bit early, we went into the demo room and helped Kathleen put up a few of her paintings on easels.  She needed that help - she had a broken foot (!) and was able to stand, but needed the aid of a walker which she used like a scooter (!) to get around.

Her demo was straighforward, well thought out and explained clearly.  I'm sure her workshop was very worthwhile, interesting and entertaining - she had a few fun stories she shared with us, and I'll bet she shared more during her workshop!

Kathleen told us that she has very few old, bad paintings any more since she has begun using this technique.   Now she has to borrow them from  her artist friends!

Here are some photos of her delightful presentation.

Loosening paint on an old painting

Adding scribbles from a Caran d'Ache crayon
Adding her "secret formula" . . .
. . . and spreading it around . . .

. . . scraping around for texture 
Another old painting on which she had begun painting - note her value study lower right corner
Adding interest with small areas of paint
At the end of the demo Kathleen held up the painting she had been working on and one that was near
completion - that she had done using the same value study - so that we could compare them.