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Thursday, January 28, 2016


Here are some of the drawers with their containers filled.

My plan is to move things slowly and carefully - so thought goes into "what goes where" and items make sense together.  

None of this will be quick or easy, so I'm taking my time and doing a little at a time.  Eventually all of my art supplies will be in this room, including some work tables - in addition to the huge desk area.

Here is a drawer for drawing and ink supplies.

This is my watercolor drawer.

Here are all of my acrylic supplies on the shelves - the stuff on top is . . . .  "stuff"!
Hope I'm not already beginning to make a mess!  Not sure where these
will finally end up, but they are in the room and stored out of the way for now.

Monday, January 25, 2016


All this "stuff" has to go somewhere!!!  Gotta divide these drawers up into areas somehow.
I've been saving boxes for ages - and now they are finally coming in handy.  As you can see below, by folding the flaps down inside the boxes they make solid spaces for my art supplies.  So - joke is on all of you "doubters" who kept making fun of me for piling up boxes and boxes and . . . . . . .

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Next this room was painted white, and some shelves my son didn't want were also painted white in case I want to use them as floor storage or on the wall.

Then it was time to begin bringing in "stuff" from other parts of the house.   Lots of stuff . . . .
As I walked down the hall I noticed the box on the floor facing the door and started laughing . . . .
In case you couldn't see it above - here it is enlarged!!!
Well, I'm not really enjoying the process, but hopefully it's a good omen for how I will feel about the room when it is finished!

Monday, January 18, 2016


As you may have noticed, there has been no blogging by me lately.  Here's why . . .

I've been painting - just the wrong kind of painting!  As in walls and ceilings (yuk).  But I've finally decided the time has come to convert the kids' rooms into studio space.

My first priority was cleaning everything out of the rooms, my daughter's first.  You might note the shoe hanger to the right in the photos.  Yep - even after 8 years there were still shoes in it!!!   I've decided to hang onto it since it might come in handy as an art materials holder - I can hang it inside or outside of the closet, so for now it's "in reserve".

This is a walk in closet which had low shelves on both sides which I removed so I could store my chairs and tables, boxes and paintings.  

Storage for my folding tables on the back wall, folding chairs on right side, odds and ends that will
apparently  never leave my house . . . . and the shoe hanger on the right.

On the left is more storage on shelves and my paintings on the floor.  Yes, that's my
daughter's graduation gown - some things you just can't part with, I guess!
My son's room has a wall of closet doors and that closet proved to be a "walk through" - plenty of room to store my shipping boxes.  Not much else in there - YET!

Friday, January 1, 2016


Looking forward to a productive new year and hope the same for all of you!

I've spent the last month or so painting - but the wrong kind!  Walls and shelves, not Fine Art!  Still have a long way to go on that project.

I took a little time to review 2015 and thought I would share with you a recap of my artistic accomplishments (below).  It was a good year for me.

This year I'll continue to enter some shows and hope to get into a few.  My classes continue and there will be a few small workshops throughout the year.  (You can go to my Workshops Page above to see a list of those).
2015 Update

  • Georgia Watercolor Society National Juried Exhibit – Flight of the Bumblebee
  • Ohio Watercolor Society Annual Juried Exhibit – Central Time
  • Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s 35th Annual International Juried Exhibition – Fun With Marbles
  • Hoosier Salon Annual Juried – (two accepted); Luscious won Outstanding Watermedia Award
  • Watercolor Society of Indiana Annual Juried Show – Dragon Tea - was selected to highlight the exhibit
  • KWS 38th Annual National Juried Aqueous Show – Peekaboo Bear
  • The Artist’s Magazine 31st All Media Competition, July/August 2015 issue – “Japanese Tea”  won the Watercolor Division
  • The Artist’s Magazine Over 60 Competition – Finalist – “Ying Yang Mums”  listed in March 2015 issue
  • AcrylicWorks 2:  Radical Breakthroughs (book) – “Poured Yupo Peony”
  • Acrylic Artist Magazine, Summer edition – “Poured Yupo Peony” was also selected to be in this magazine
Y   W   R!