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Friday, June 27, 2014


On Wednesday afternoon my husband and I drove up to Indianapolis for the Hoosier Salon opening.  Before the opening events, I ran into an old friend who was attending alone, so the three of us “buddied up” for the evening.

The event was well attended, the auditorium almost filled, a semi-circle of chairs on stage for the award winners, and the screen ready to display the winners.
Karen Pence about to give her speech (her photo is on the screen)
The awards were called out by the Executive Director, then handed out by Indiana’s First Lady, Karen Pence.  She told us that she, too, is an aspiring artist and gave a delightful talk about how excited she was to be asked to participate in the Hoosier Salon awards ceremony.

My friend received an award almost right away – and was very surprised.  That’s when I realized that they don’t call to tell you that you will be receiving an award.  I started to listen more closely to the awards designations!

About mid-way through the program I heard my name called!  Since it was a long way to the stage from my vantage point in the very last row, I concentrated on not falling down the stairs in the semi-dark!  My painting won for “Outstanding Watercolor”!

Following the ceremony there was food and drink in the atrium, but it was so crowded that we opted to go upstairs immediately to view the show. 
My friend Tamara posing in front of her award winning painting "Orange".
There were quite a number of watercolors and acrylic on display, so watermedia made a good showing!  I rather like shows with multimedia, I think it attracts more patrons and gives a different vibe.  Overall there was a lot of “Hoosier Hospitality” as my friend and I were greeted with many “congratulations” by the crowd.
This "portrait painting" is made of  fabric and absolutely amazing to see in person!
But wait – there’s more . . . . .

I was more than amazed to see a red dot on my painting label – I had to ask the intern “did that really sell?” – she laughed and assured me that yes, it had just sold!  I’ll have to find out who the lucky person is (LOL)!
Yep - had to take a photo of that red dot to make sure I wasn't dreaming!
Other than driving through a brief but brutal thunderstorm on the way up – and passing a jackknifed semi in the median – the evening was certainly a good one for me!  We didn't get lost!  The weather had turned into a beautiful summer evening and on the way home I treated my hubby to dinner at Cracker Barrell (big celebration!!!!).  The gorgeous sunset just before we arrived home was the icing on the cake.

ps -  I will miss this painting, it was husband's favorite and was one of my favorites, also.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Once again I gave a demo/program at the Hansen Center.  These classes are for cancer survivors, patients and their friends and family.  It's just a shame that more don't participate in this evening of fun and painting.
As you can see, this painting was of a bluebird on a branch.

You can't see it here, but all of the branches were fantastic - and I thought that would have been the hardest part!  Each person left with a viable painting - and I'm told that several from past programs are framed and hanging!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


At this point, I have added color over all and started the background with the lace.

Here is the clock and start of the rose.

This is where the painting remains - and will probably stay at this stage for a while since it needs lots more work.  The background is very amateur-ish and obviously needs work, and the clock has no "glass" and the rose is too sharp featured and probably draws too much attention away from the clock face.

As I said - needs lots more work! 

Monday, June 16, 2014


Back from our week in Tennessee!   Last week spent catching up and getting back into the groove.

During the TN week, I completed one painting, have one that needs more work (lots more work!) and began another that I'm hoping will be show worthy.

Here's the beginning of the one needing more work.

A friend gave me another clock to paint - so I did some set ups and chose this as the photo to paint from.

Here is the drawing, ready to begin.