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Sunday, December 30, 2012


 Next I began adding color.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends!

As I continue my venture into pastels, here are some chili peppers.

I began the same way as the onion – drawing in charcoal and finding the darks.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


I put in some pale yellows and blues for the background and called in finished.

I think I accomplished an onion – maybe not that specific onion, but an onion nevertheless, so I was content.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Then I began drawing onto the pastel paper with charcoal.

Then I found the dark areas of the onion and filled them in with dark brown, then went over that with black.

Then I began layering lighter colors to shape the onion.

Friday, December 14, 2012


My friend Rhonda - while holding a bag of onions she had pulled out of my pantry - suggested that I try another pastel painting of - - - an onion! She thought another single veggie would help me along in my pastel venture, and I think she was right.

I had no more pastel paper, however, having used it up in the recent pastel workshop with Cindy Haase.

Of course, that meant I just HAD TO go online to search for some Wallis sanded pastel paper. But, no luck with any of the art suppliers I frequent. So a sale coupon from a local art store necessitated a drive to their store in search of pastel paper. They didn’t have the Wallis paper either (which makes me wonder if something happened in the Pastel World???) but the girl who waited on me sold me some Color Fix sanded paper (which seems somewhat softer to me but that could just be my imagination).

So, finally, photo of onion in hand, I cut and taped my pastel paper and began.

Yikes, this one is on my own – no Cindy to look over my shoulder and make suggestions.

The results follows.

First, I took a photo of an onion with some dark shadows.

Then, per Cindy’s instruction, I printed it off in black and white to show the values better.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I’m in the process of creating a painting using my old nemesis - Carbazole purple (Daniel Smith).

As you can see from the photo, it’s a color with a mind of its own. This is how my drafting table looked after using one coat of the paint on my painting, even after I tried wiping it off as I went.

Two passes with Clorox Cleanup finally took the color off, but that didn’t prevent me from getting it all over my hands and the sink!

I swear, one teaspoon of that paint could cover all the walls in my house – twice!
My nemesis!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Uh, oh - not Zentangles!!!!!
Drat that Ginny Stiles!

She has been creating Zentangle art and posting it on her blog.

She even sent me a Zentangle birthday card!

The nerve of that woman!

At first it just looked interesting – a harmless enough observation.

Then it looked more interesting, but I decided it looked too involved to try.

Then I decided, “well, it DOES look INTERESTING and it couldn’t hurt to look into it a bit more.”

Then I bought a book on Zentangles from Amazon, but only because I was already on the Amazon site for another purpose and I could use an additional item to get up over that free shipping point.

Then I received and opened the Zentangle book but didn’t have any Micron pens, so I was still safe.

But yet another email from Jerry’s Artarama boasting yet another sale prompted me to place an order, and, of course, just a bit more would get me to the free shipping point, so a set of Micron pens would put me over the proscribed total and, it couldn’t hurt, right?

Then I had the Zentangle book and the Micron pens, but no appropriate Zentangle tiles. So what, I’ve got more than a fair share of watercolor paper which seems serviceable.

So I cut out a few 3.5x3.5 pieces of watercolor paper, picked up the Zentangle book and Micron pens, and sat down to begin reading.

It didn’t take long and I was learning my first “tangle” pattern. Then another. Then I tried them both again, and began to learn a third, into which I incorporated circles, which may or may not be another “tangle” pattern, I’m not that far along in the book. But, I can’t let that stop me, now, can I?

My 2nd and 3rd Zentangles.
A trip to the mall for tires created a need to drive on down the road to Hobby Lobby on my way home to check out the pen section. BE ADVISED, Nanoliners are no match for the Micron pens (they bleed). But Pilot Precise V5, purchased at Staples, are very fine and seem to work just as well as the Micron pens and are less expensive. And they come in colors!

“I wonder if I could create a chicken Zentangle?” (I bet I can . . . .)

“Could I incorporate some words into a Zentangle?” (We shall see . . . . .)

I put down the Zentangle book, but it called to me every day.

I don’t think I’m addicted, I mean, I CAN put that book and pens down any time I want to. I really can. I don’t have to pick them up and “doodle”. No, I really don’t . . . . why are my eyes and fingers twitching? . . . why is drool coming from my mouth . . . . why do I have to draw more. . . MORE . . . MORE . . . could it be that I’m addicted to Zentangles? Oh, say it ain’t so!

Ginny Stiles, I’m coming to get you . . . . . you are a BAD woman!

Monday, December 3, 2012


My painting "Oriental Roses" hanging on the left.  I thought it looked large when I painted it
(full sheet) but it was "medium sized" in this show.
This Friday I went to Columbus, Ohio with some friends to see the Ohio Watercolor Society show.

The show is really, really good! And it is presented so beautifully – I was impressed with myself that I was in it! We took our time and really checked out each painting.

The gentleman at the front desk apparently told the Executive Director that one of the artists was in the gallery, and she came down to meet me. We had spoken on the phone, but it is always nice to be able to put a face to a name, and she was delightful to talk to.

We had some problems getting out of town (even with the GPS), then lunch on the way home and lots of laughter – all in all, a great “art day”!

If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area, take some time to visit the exhibit – it will run until January 13.
Riffe Gallery
77 S. High Street
Columbus, Ohio
Gallery Hours:
Tuesday 10-4
Wed and Fri 10-5:30
Thursday 10-8
Sat and Sun noon-4
Closed Mondays and state holidays
Here I am next to my painting.
Here is a photo of my painting (and me) taken by Rhonda.