Deb Ward, GWS, OWS, PWS, WSI - WATERCOLOR/WATER MEDIA - My passion is teaching adult “beginners”. Weekly classes in my home; workshops; classes for Cincinnati Recreation Commission. My work is nationally recognized and published - see “Featured” on my sidebar. I’m a Signature Member of Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana state Watercolor Societies, Cincinnati Art Club, past-President of Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society. Contact info below under “Class Information”


"It really was 'lots of fun and no pressure' - well, maybe a little pressure."

"This workshop was all I expected and hoped for.  It was very informative and fun.  I would recommend Deb's class to anyone"

"I enjoyed the workshop - good 'pacing' (not too fast/slow).  Loved all the positive comments and encouragement - good snacks"

"Really enjoyed the class.  Informative, instructional, enjoyable.  Liked the critique part, learned from each picture you touched."

"Great class!  Enjoyed it.  Appreciate the helpful directions and comments and positive encouragement.   A lot in 2 days!"

"Luvvved it!!!  I liked that it was fun, relaxed and a 10-hour, 2-da summary (or review) of most things we've covered in classes over weeks, in additiion to the specifics of the workshop exercise."

"So enjoyed your class.  I learned so much.  Hope to attend some of your classes.  Thank you so much."

"Great class.  Need more weekend classes."

"Thank you for bolstering my confidence.  Very nice to be in class again."

"You are a great teacher - so patient and encouraging.  Definitely will attend another workshop or class."

"Fantastic girl!!"

"Deb, just wanted to thank you for the weekend workshop again. You are a good teacher! You lay out the info, you go over it, you make things clear and you answer questions that come up. Plus you make good suggestions along the way so the student gets a better painting."
Rhonda Carpenter

"Deb Ward has done a wonderful job of teaching me how to watercolor. I hadn’t done anything in art since high school many years ago. Because of her tutelage I have learned many different ways to paint. We have used different papers, wet on wet, dry on wet, pouring and many more techniques. She is a great teacher and has become a valued friend. I have entered a few art competitions and have received 2 awards. I attribute this to Deb and her way of making art fun and interesting." Teri Glaser

"Deb Ward – is a skilled teacher who I had pleasure to learn basics of watercolors from. She started from color theory, which greatly helped me to understand color relationship, and worked into more advanced and fun to use techniques such as pouring, scrubbing and others.Her kind and caring personality makes learning the art of watercolors even more interesting and enjoyable!"
Valia Sh.

I took Deb's watercolor class at her home over the course of a few months. I, too, don't draw, but she assured me that I could paint. After some hesitation, I signed up. There are many pluses about the class, some of which are: you don't have to draw to paint(!), I painted actual pictures, that I was impressed with - I couldn't believe that I actually did them! It couldn't have happened without Deb's knowledge, instruction, patience, and her building my confidence so I felt equipped to do it . She is a pleasure to learn from, and I highly recommend her watercolor classes.

I thoroughly enjoy taking my granddaughter to Deb Ward’s classes at DHAC, where we both get to learn together. Deb chooses appealing subjects that are adaptable from the beginner to the experienced. Her demos are simple and clear as she walks (or paints) us through each step of the way. She introduces easy methods to achieve fun effects.As a watercolor teacher myself, I appreciate how challenging it is give individual help, but at the same time keep the class progressing. These classes have the extra handicap of teaching so many different ages and experience levels. Deb handles the balancing act well, and her students leave feeling successful. Great job, Deb!
Chris Campbell

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