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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


First - an explanation.
Long time no see - I've spent the month of April sick; just now coming back to the land of the living, and still have symptoms.  Suffice it to say, if you get a "cold" that suddenly goes to a cough - RUN to your doctor, do not wait (like I did) until this thing takes over your body.

And, on another note - Yikes.  Whose brilliant idea was it to change over all of the blogspot information - I HATE CHANGE!!!  Guess I'll learn to adapt.

And now, finally, for the post you have been waiting for!!!

I received word that two of my paintings have been accepted into the above juried show.  This show draws from a basic area of Indianapolis, Cincinnati and surrounding area, and Northern Kentucky - home to quite a few excellent artists.  The show is for all media, which is very cool.  Last year a beautiful metal sculpture won the top award.  (This year, hopefully, a beautiful watermedia will prevail - LOL!)

Here are the two pieces that were accepted:
Teapot and Orb on Pink Silk
This one began as a watercolor, but I ended up using some gouache and tiny bit of  - wait for it -
WHITE fluid acrylic, so guess it's technically a mixed media.
Ying Yang Mums
I'm very proud of this one.  It took a looooong time to complete but was worth all of the effort, I think!

This show runs from May 4 (opening reception and awards from 7-9 p.m.) through May 25
Location:  Rising Sun Pendleton Art Center - 201 Main Street - Rising Sun, IN

The other show I'm in is sponsored by the Queen City Art Club and will be at the WACC Barn in Mariemont. 
Opening reception Sunday - May 6 - 2 to 4 p.m. - open through May 14
Location:  6980 Cambridge - Mariemont, Ohio

If you are in this area, hope you get a chance to get out and see both of these shows.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Part of the crowd at the Woman's Art Club opening, eagerly awaiting the awards ceremony.
Sunday was April Fool's day - and our local area weather played a great joke on us, since . . . .

Sunday dawned gray, foggy, damp and cold (barely 40 deg.)!  But, meeting friends for one of our local Sunday breakfasts was a treat - not to mention yummy sausage patties, country ham, and omelette to order - cooked by the gentlemen of our local conservation club.  Yes, I said gentlemen!  That's actually one of the reasons I like to go - to watch the guys flip the omelettes up in the air and catch them in the pan - they are pretty good at it!

Anyway - following breakfast - with a surprise appearance from one of our other friends - I bundled up and read through art mags until it was time to leave for the Woman's Art Club opening.  I barely noticed that it was getting brighter outside, but when I went upstairs to change clothes I noticed how sunny it was getting - and how warm! 

Turned out to be a beautiful day - sunny and warm (75 deg) after beginning with that awful start - as though April 1 really was saying "April Fool's, you thought it was going to be a yukky day but . . . GOTCHA!"

So . . . it also turned out to be a great day for an art opening!  The Woman's Art Club of Cincinnati show opened from 1-4 (see my sidebar for more info) and I, along with many others, attended the opening.

I had just stepped inside the door when a cohort from the Cincinnati Art Club grabbed me for a chat; then on my way to the ladies room (my first stop on any formal occasion!!!) I was stopped again by another friend, her husband, and my good friend Rhonda and her husband Jerry Carpenter! 

After leaving the ladies' room, my plan was to go slowly around the room to view the show.  Didn't happen!  People kept coming up to me and chatting and before you knew it, it was time for the awards (none for me!).  More chatting and, then, suddenly, the room was almost empty! 

I finally got a chance to walk around and take a few photos before I left.
My painting, "Secrets of the Geishas" is inside the arch, second from left.