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Thursday, August 28, 2014


More shadows were added and more color added to the gardenia.
Here is a close up of the gardenia with a second layer of color added . . . . . 
and here with even more color added . . . . . 
Then the background was added. 

Monday, August 25, 2014


Once the paint dried, I put tape around the edge of the vase and edge of the doily to protect them as I darkened the table area. 
 Some of the lace areas were darkened, as was the shadow area below the doily, and the creases of the doily were added.
The vase and shadows were darkened. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Here is what the painting looked like when the first layer of paints had dried.
I then added some more of the reddish and blues to the flower and vase, and added the dark leaves.
A mix of browns and yellows was added to the doily and the table. 
Once the doily dried, I added browns in the lace areas. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014


I began the paint trial by using the acrylics as I normally do, as though they are watercolor.

I created a simple still life from a gardenia in a beautiful blue and gold vase brought to me by one of my students using a doily that she had also given to me.  This was traced onto Arches 140# CP and taped to a board.

I miskited the areas of gold on the vase. 
Then I put out some "dots" of the fluid acrylics and one "blob" of the cobalt Classic, and I was ready to begin.
I added some colors of blues and reddish to the flower and down the vase, and then more of the blues in the shadow area. 
That was all I could do until the paper dried, so I sprayed some water on my paint and covered it with some cling wrap. 

Monday, August 11, 2014


I was asked to participate in a paint trial for Chroma paints, way back in the winter.  Of course I said yes, thinking that it would be a great time to play and experiment, since not a lot was going on due to the horrible weather that so many of us experienced.

Well, there were delays galore for shipping due to that awful winter weather, so by the time the paints were delivered, I was busy.  But I finally got a chance to begin using the paints in late May.

Turns out that, even though I had requested only their Free Flow - liquid acrylics - they also sent me tons of their Chroma Classic paints.
Above are the paints and mediums they sent me - a full box!  The jars are their Classic, the small bottles on the right are the Free Flow and the 3 tubes on the left are Atelier Interactive - something like the Golden Open.

The next few blog posts will show the paintings that I have created so far.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Yesterday Rhonda and I went to Stream Cliff Herb Farm for lunch.

If you are close to southeastern Indiana, this is a lovely place to go - very genteel, beautiful gardens and great food.

I used to go there several years ago and they have now added a winery (we didn't sample any, though!).

But we did have a beautiful and delicious lunch.  They always serve the food with an edible flower on the plate - except for Rhonda's.  Her flower fell off "en route" so I gave her my pansy!  Toward the end of our lunch a group of Red Hat Ladies came in!  This is definitely the place for "Ladies Who Lunch".

Very enjoyable day with a good friend.