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Friday, June 27, 2008

Dunham Classes

My summer session of watercolor classes is over at Dunham Recreation Center (Cincinnati Recreation Commission) and I’m already looking forward to the fall session. This is a great bunch of people.

I inherited this class from Marilyn, who had moved from the west side to the east side and did not want to make the long drive over. When she asked me to take over the class I was both flattered and scared! The spring session was the first that I taught and I felt like a substitute teacher going in – would they like me? Would they want to come back? Would I like them? Gulp!
At first I thought I would try to do everything the same way Marilyn had done things, but then I realized that it wasn’t exactly my way of doing things, and it would be better to just be myself.

So, they have put up with me! From the laughter that ensues, I know they are having fun – and I think that is the biggest part of my job. (If my students are not having fun, why are they here!). From the quiet that ensues, I know they are working hard. And from the good results they are getting, I know they are learning something.

This photo represents the 3 paintings we completed in this session – eat your heart out Jerry, Jerry and Ron – you missed the landscape!

If you live in the Cincinnati area and want to join us in the fall, let me know! See you on September 16!

Yupo Peony

Here’s my latest – done in Yupo. (Below are the stages of "transformation").

Those of you who know me know that I am not a Yupo lover. However, one of my students wanted to try it, she had heard so much about it. I figured I couldn’t go wrong by painting a flower, and I’m really quite satisfied with it.

For you “Yup-ors” – you may be able to detect the fact that I used a foam roller and some alcohol but don’t know all the tricks - don’t have any of the George James videos, don’t plan to get them either! (Although, never say never). I even managed to glaze in a few spots (my favorite way to paint).

So, feel free to pick it apart and let me know what I should have done. (Just don’t expect me to do it!)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Roses on Embroidered Quilt

This one is an acrylic on canvas; the quilt was embroidered by my grandmother. I have tried to figure the approximate age of some of these quilts and crocheted items. Some of them were made in the 1920’s or before. I think I remember her working on this one and a pink one, so it would have been sewn at least in the 1950’s.

As for those books and magazines from my last post, I devoured them (and actually did read a couple during a rain storm!). The 2 acrylic books will be well read reference books, and the Birgit O’Connor book and DVD (which I have not seen yet) would make a good beginner book.

I also received my Nicholas Simmons DVD which I haven't seen yet – but I will!

I have been painting again, thank goodness, and have completed a – get ready – YUPO! I also have worked on a casein and watercolor, all of which will be posted soon. At least my painting slump seems to be over!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Got home from the grocery today and noticed a large brown container and a pile of mail on the table for me.

I must have died and gone to heaven – the photo shows what I just got! FIVE – count ‘em – FIVE art books/magazines.

Can’t wait for the next rainy day – (and actually can’t believe I just said that, considering the torrential rains and wind we have been having lately!)

I’ll be stretched out in the chair, my feet up, a cup of coffee in hand and all of these bad boys piled up beside me, savoring each one!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fluffy, The Red Tailed Hawk

This painting of a red tailed hawk is done with both tube and fluid acrylics.

This bird has been in a couple of small shows and in and out of the gallery. People tell me “oooohh, I just love this guy, he’s so fluffy I could pet him” and yet, no one purchases him. One woman (she also said he was fluffy) told me she would buy him, so I plopped him on the backseat of my car and drove to the appointed destination of purchase, but she never showed up. So, he still resides on my back seat. I now fondly refer to him as “Fluffy, the Red Tailed Hawk”. (I’ve decided that his cousin is “Gladly, The Cross Eyed Bear” – get it???).