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Thursday, December 1, 2016


Once the poured painting was completed, we then did a direct painting of the same scene.  Below you will see both paintings (again, not completely finished, but close enough).

Compare the two and see which you like best!


Direct painting

Monday, November 28, 2016


Once again, since I had not attended the show opening, I grabbed a couple friends and we drove up to Indianapolis to see the Watercolor Society of Indiana show.  Each year the show is held at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

This is a small show but a lovely facility, easily accessed, free parking, restaurant - all the perks!

These two ladies are both in TWSA - and you can see why!  Cheryl Lowe's painting "The Last Blast" (left) won an award.  Anna Roberts' painting"Up, Up and Away" (right).

I just liked these next two - "Berry Buzzy" and "The Union Preserved" which won an award.

Then there was mine (again, no award!)

After viewing the show and stopping in the gift shop which is directly opposite this gallery, we headed to the restaurant for lunch.  They have really good food here, just so you know - in case you, too, would like to join friends for an "Art Day".

Here was our view while we ate:

Time to head home and, although I've made this trip multiple times with no problems, apparently I cannot talk and drive at the same time since I accidentally took the ramp to Dayton!  Oops!  However, once again, 2 GPS found our way back to I-74 with a lovely tour of Post Road!  (This is a detour I won't live down any time soon since I had proudly announced on our way up that I would not be needing the services of a map . . . . )

Oh well - more laughter, a beautiful day, good friends, good food and Art - what more can we ask for!

The show runs until December 3, 2016.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Almost complete - I need to add the wrought iron railing on top of the bridge.

Monday, November 21, 2016


The Riffe Gallery in Columbus, Ohio is sponsoring the Ohio Watercolor Society show.  The gallery is located downtown on High Street, directly opposite the State House.  The show will run until January 7, 2017.

Since I didn't attend the opening and banquet, a few friends drove up with me last week to see the show.  Between printed maps and 2 Smartphone GPS, we managed to find the gallery!  In these situations I am "just the driver".  They point me in the proper direction and I get them there, more or less intact!   After searching for a parking lot or garage (which didn't work out) it was time to locate a parking slot on the street, somewhat close to the gallery.  In order to accommodate 4 people, I drove my husband's car and - just to prove I CAN PARALLEL PARK (even in a car I rarely drive which is bigger than mine) -  I took this photo to show my husband and decided to let you all take a gander too!  LOL

Anyway . . . back to the show . . . .

First up is a photo of my friend, Tom's, outstanding painting "Where's Your Child?" for which he won an award.

Next is an amazing painting, but it's more than that.  This woman somehow paints and QUILTS her paintings!  They are amazing, and she seems to win an award each year, as her painting "Earth Song Quilt 7" did this year.

I took a photo of my painting hanging on the wall, but it doesn't show well since it's rather pale.  No award for me, though.  But at least it made it into the show and it will be in the traveling show.

After viewing the show it was back to the car to load it up with coins so we could find a restaurant for lunch.  Much talk and laughter ensured, and then it was back to the car for the long and boring ride back home.- and I didn't miss the very odd little ramp onto I-70/I-270 that they have hidden right next to a proper right turn onto the wrong street . . . . .

Time to plan our next Art Adventure!

For more information, here is the website:

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Then I removed the tape and miskit and began to paint directly for the darkest areas.

Some people pour the entire painting, but as a class project the students were "getting antsy" to finish, so bringing out the brushes made them more comfortable.

The painting comes to life as the darks are added.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


For the next pour I covered various areas of the buildings with blue tape and added miskit as needed.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


I wanted to keep the yellow building very light and yellow, so for the next pour I covered both the sky and the yellow building with artist tape and also put miskit over the edges of the tape where they overlapped, hoping to keep out all of the paint.

Artist tape applied

Miskit applied to edges of tape

Thursday, October 27, 2016


For a class project we did a poured painting of a Venetian canal scene.

Once again, I neglected to get an initial photo, but the following photo represents at least two pours of red (quin. rose), yellow (hansa) and blue (cobalt).

Misket was first applied to any of the buildings where I wanted to keep all white - around the windows and doors.  Then I taped around the edges of the buildings and poured the darker shadows.

The sky was poured by wetting that area and then holding the painting upside down so the blue did not run into the building.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Unfortunately, I didn't take any other photos while this painting was in progress - or, if I did, they are completely lost in the mess that is still my computer photo library!

So, you will have to make do with the finished product.  I had completed the top three roses, then left the painting to sit for many months.  Therefore, the bottom rose looks like someone else painted it!

When it was finally finished, I surprised my student with the final result, and think she likes it anyway!
Anniversary Roses

Thursday, October 13, 2016


One of my students brought in roses from her anniversary party last year.  They were so beautiful, I wanted to paint them, so I took multiple photos.
Finally, this year, I began a painting way back in the spring using the above photo.

Here is the very beginning of this painting:
My paintings usually look like a "smooshy mess" in the beginning, and this one is no exception!