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Monday, December 20, 2010


Since I began painting, my daughter has been my harshest critic. Her most frequent comment is “needs more detail”.

But now that she has her new home, with lots of bare walls, my paintings are just what she needs to cover those walls! To butter me up, now she has amended her comment to “I’ve always liked your paintings . . . they just need more detail”!!!

She came over the other day to check out my paintings and decided on a theme for the holidays. Since she will put her electric train under her Christmas tree – the theme is “trains”. So my train paintings – some rather large! – were carted out to her back seat and driven up the road. She called about an hour later to tell me they were already hanging and looked great!

She also took the first painting I ever framed, and which I still like – a barn on a hill, in winter. She liked it for the “winter” theme.

Yes, folks, seems she is one of those “I like it because it matches my couch” art lovers! But, hey, at least I’ve got a little more room in my house now!

And she may have already picked out a few for the spring – because they involve flowers and will match her walls!

S . . . .I . . . . G . . . . H . . . . !!!


RHCarpenter said...

Well, Deb, what your art does not need is more detail. It's just enough :) Now come on over to my house with a car full of paintings and I'll choose some that don't match my walls :) ha ha Seriously, it's great that a family member supports your work enough to hang it in their house!!! My sister is willing to do that for me - but I can't loan them to her (I'd never get them back), they have to be presents - and she bought one of the first paintings I ever did.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Deb, your daughter's art criticism resembles my husband's, my son's and my daughter's :-)
According to them, what I paint is: too pretty, not abstract or modern enough, too small, too big, with too many flowers. It is never right:-)But at least, you daughter has reached the point where she wants your art on her walls. Wow! She really likes it! My family will hardly let me put my paintings up on my own walls... they "clutter" the house too much. But, I love my family in spite of their taste ( or lack of :-) in art.

I ditto your SIGH :-)

debwardart said...

Rhonda - I'll be over as soon as the temp hovers above 20!!! I really am happy she's taken a liking to my art!
Christiane - I feel your pain!! All together now - S-I-G-H!!!

Studio at the Farm said...

YUP, family crticisn ... sigh ... we all get it.

bricarwaller said...

What an awesome resource your daughter has, she has a small fortune in paintings to choose from. Someday she will realize just how lucky she is:)

Nancy Goldman said...

My daughter is my most critical critic also but I appreciate it because I know I will get an honest (however harsh) opinion from her. And really, isn't honesty what we want when we ask for an opinion? Our daughters are just helping us build that thick skin that we need as artists, right?

As for the 'art matching the sofa', I think that is more prevalent than not.

Pat said...

There's an easy answer to this artistic Philistine - and as her mom, you can do it - a clip round the ear :lol:

Actually I think she's secretly very proud of you - but its not cool to say so ;)
Your art is very beautiful as is.
As is.

debwardart said...

Kathryn - yep - families - can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em!
Carrie - She's growing up and able to admit I might be good at something!
Nancy - she has been a good "skin builder"! And you are right, most people look at "art" as something to match the wall!
Pat - she's too old for the clip - plus she's stronger than me!

Studio at the Farm said...

Thank you, Deb,for dropping by, and leaving your kind words. HOW are you doing?

Vicki Greene said...

She does not know how very fortunate she is to have your art hanging on her walls! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

Arti said...

I agree, our kids are our harshest critics!But it must be nice to see your paintings hung on your daughter's wall, after all! And don't worry, she really likes them!:)
Merry Christmas to you and your family, Deb.

debwardart said...

Thanks Arti - Happy New Year to you!