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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Retreat Paintings - Part 2

Here are a few more paintings/sketches from our retreat.

These two are by Sharon:
This painting is from a photo taken in Africa by friends of her. She worked diligently and SLOWLY on this one and it's beautiful!

This one is a sketch of my son, done in Russian Sauce, a very different medium. She did a good job, but he thinks it looks like a "mug shot"! (Everyone in my family is a tough critic!)

These three are by Sue:

Plants outside her gallery in Statesville, South Carolina (I think???).

The next one is from a family trip she took; I love the sky!

And the last one is a drawing she has made in preparation for a painting of the building across the street from her gallery. It is quite ambitious, but I know she will do a great job.

This one is by Monique:
She has a sketch book to die for - I always admire people who do that. She is so meticulous, and does a wonderful job.

She also did a full sheet poured painting but she was not totally pleased with it. She may be doing it again.

Quite a talented group, wouldn't you say!

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