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Friday, July 17, 2009


I spent part of Wednesday with Rhonda Carpenter who so graciously agreed to give me some pointers on blogging. Joyce from the GCWS joined us for part of the day, but when she had to leave early the session became my own private class at a "blog-i-versity"!!!
Not only did I get to learn something new, and hope to put those things into practice soon (Rhonda, note how I highlighted you!!!!) but I also got to see in person the original paintings she has received from Mryna Wacknov, Carol Carter and Chris Beck. I cannot believe how small Chris' is, and how skillfully it was completed - just beautiful!
Thanks to Jerry, too! (I think I kept him from his lunch, but he was too kind to say it!)

Today my husband, son and myself spent the day cleaning up this place inside and out in preparation for my batik workshop this weekend. Hope the sun is shining all weekend! I'm excited!

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RHCarpenter said...

Well done, Deb - the link worked perfectly :) I do hope it makes things easier for you knowing some of the little things blogger can do - now I must get to bed early so I will be bright-eyed in the morning for our batik workshop, day 1!