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Monday, August 3, 2009


I got snowed under last week by a nasty cold, but revived just enough to give my final batik workshop. Posted here are their final works (see, I remembered the camera again!)

Here are Missy's masterpieces!

Here are Barb's:

And here is Sharon's:
I also want you all to know that I’m checking out your blogs - I enjoy seeing the new works, reading the stories, etc. - even if I’m not commenting on each one. Don’t think I’m rude, but I am finding myself pressed for time more and more and something’s got to give – so it’s the commenting! (but not the reading!).

And with that, just so you won’t give up on me, how about a giveaway – of an original Deb Ward painting (ooooohh, aaaaaaah I can year you all saying!!!!) This may be a small batik (or maybe not???), you will just have to be surprised!

1 - You must leave a comment on my blog – don’t worry – I have the comment moderation active so if you don’t want the world to see it, just me, that’s fine; just mention that in the comment and I won’t post it.

2 - Each comment you leave will equal 1 chance to win – (so vote early and vote often – ha, ha). I will pick a winner on September 1 by putting slips with your name in a “hat” and drawing the winner (i.e. if you leave 5 comments on my blog between now and then, there will be 5 slips with your name that could be potential winners!)

Good luck!


Cindi said...

great hotos for fom your class...sorry you were ill, but glad you are feeling better..
ps i comment any how but winning would be a kick too!!! LOL

RHCarpenter said...

How cool! A give-away is always fun :) So I'm putting my name in early. Also, am glad you are over that yucky summer cold and BTW, these batiks are gorgeous!

Rosemary said...

Hi Deb, I just found your blog and have been here for a while! Loved the watercolor batik workshop. Hope your precious little "Sonny" is staying close to mama now! Keep posting those photos! I will be back soon!

Mabrur said...

Good at work... ^_^
I like it....
I make batik to....this is my gallery

debwardart said...

Well guys - you all have one chance to win now!!!
Cindi - I love your comments!
Rhonda - still coughing.
Rosemary - hello newcomer! Glad you enjoyed the blog - Sunny is getting bigger and kicking up his heels - and staying close to all 4 of his mamas!!! They protect him! Come visit again.
Mabrur - looked at your batiks - wow, so intricate!

Ginny Stiles said...

Deb...cute idea for the giveaway. Count me in.
And I am pleased to see my blog in your "favorites". This is my first time to your blog and I loved it.
The baby calf is really something. I am kind of a "city girl" so this is amazing to me. Would you give me permission to use one of those photos for a painting?
The batik class you are teaching. What are the paintings on? Are they on rice paper like Sandy Maudlin's? Or fabric? I didn't notice any crinkle lines..her last step is to crinkle and use ink on the batiks.

debwardart said...

Hi Ginny - glad you came! Batik on rice paper, crinkled - I don't use Sumi ink, but a dark w/c so lines may not be so pronounced on these. You may certainly paint from a cow picture - there will be more over time - I have to get one of Sunny - he's getting big!

Vicki Greene said...

Oh a giveaway! I like giveaways. I also like these batiks. I do wish I were close enough to be in the class. Your students did a great job.

debwardart said...

Hi Vicki - now you are "registered" to win!