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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Sunday was a very looooong day – spent purchasing and having my new computer installed. Thank goodness for a friend who is a computer expert!

I want to thank all of you who weighed in on Mac vs. PC, but PC won due to the fact it is less expensive and I’m totally used to them. It will take me a little while to get used to the keyboard, etc. – but it looks quite dashing I think, since now I’m all color coordinated in fashionable black – the keyboard, monitor, mouse and tower!

Also purchased a new printer; my current one is getting bad on the b/w but still very good on color. There just wasn’t enough time in the day to get the new one installed, but when it is I’ll be putting on my “computer repairperson hat” and diving into the old one to see if I can get that b/w to print better (knowing the new one is waiting if I totally screw up!)

So, I’ll be getting used to some of the Vista features, the odd feeling of the new keyboard and mouse (feels kind of plastic-y compared to my old one) and having a few odd “Kodak moments” - apparently the folders I had didn't transfer, so I've got lots of "albums" just by date rather than by subject - that will take some getting corrected, guess I'll just have to work on it as much as I have time for, beginning with my newer photos first. Gee, I just love all this extra work!

But at least I’m functioning – and quicker too - not at lightning speed like you folks in the city, but at least faster than it was.


Cindi said...

wooo hoo!!! looking good!! isn't this fun like Christmas in august... enjoy..!!

Ginny Stiles said... didn't ASK me to weigh in on the PC/Mac thing. Humpf. :-) I am dyed in the wool Mac lover! But they are more doubt about it. But I have a PC laptop still and enjoy it. I just knew it was time and I didn't want to deal with Vista and so last Christmas I did what I LONGED to do and asked Santa for an iMac. Big learning curve, however, to get back to Apple and I took lessons every other week at the Apple store in Orlando. Still have a few more to go this fall/winter. Anyway congrats and I know what a pain a new computer is at first. It'll be great...eventually.

debwardart said...

Yep Cindi, just like Christmas - only I'm the one paying for the present!!!
Ginny - I didn't ask anyone to weigh in - seems like they all jumped aboard and it was a landfall for the Mac - but way too pricy for me.
I'm doing OK so far, am loving my Kodak Easyshare now that it's working the way it always should have (fast!) Have questions but they may answer themselves as time goes on!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Your blog is great. I went all the way back to the post where the calf was born and went hiding in the tall grass. I take it these are pets?

About the PC. I am right where you are. OLD (7yrs) Sony Vaio which was $2,000 back then. All the friends have switched to Mac and can't EVER go back. I'm stuck between the less $$$$ for the PC and the Mac so I can be in the learning curve with the girls.

Lastly, but not leastly, I love Batik and enjoyed looking at the process!

debwardart said...

Mary, glad you checked me out! I went to your page(s) of blog(s)!!! You are one busy lady. The cows are the beginning of my "new rancher" husband's herd - so they are kind of pets!