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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Well, folks, I never said I couldn’t paint on Yupo, just said I don’t like it.
To prove to you that I’m capable, here’s a Yupo demo utilizing what some call the “batik look”. This painting is my first experiment with using tape on Yupo.
To see another painting I did on Yupo – with watercolor - see my post here on ------ yet another painting of a peony!

I’m using fluid acrylic and my trusty peony photo for this project.

My first step was to get “high” on the alcohol fumes! You use alcohol to wipe over the surface of the Yupo to rid it of any smudges or dirt. I have a feeling this is more crucial if you are using watercolor instead of the fluid acrylics.

Using a watercolor pencil, I drew the flower directly onto the Yupo. If I made a mistake, I “erased” the line with water. The next time I do this I will probably wet the tip of the pencil first to make it a bit darker, since I kept losing my lines and had to redraw several times during this process.
The beauty of using this photo is that I can probably screw up the drawing and it will still come out looking like a peony!


Carol Blackburn said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress on this. Peonies and I do not get along; I have tried to paint them but they look horrible. I seem to do well with daisies though.

Studio at the Farm said...

I'm with you, about Yupo; I'm not even Tempted to try it. Have you done any work on aquaboard?

RH Carpenter said...

I think you kept losing your lines because you were high on the alcohol fumes! ha ha Going to be watching this one carefully - to see how you do that taping technique and how it keeps from pulling the paint away from the plastic :) Now get some color on there - or go have a glass of wine.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Now I am very, very impressed! Not only are you painting on YUPO, my favorite for sure, but you're using Fluid Acrylics, my fav paint, and you're using my TAPE tachinique too! Loving it!!! Can't wait to see this peony. This is exciting, but I know the taping part will be time consuming - and worth it. Happy painting - and taping.

debwardart said...

Carol, we must disagree, I love peonies! And you can paint them and mess them up and they still come out looking like peonies! Give them another try.
Kathryn, I'm going to do some research/experimentation on Yupo! Yes, I've done several on aquabord/claybord and I do like that, but the surfaces are VERY different.
Wuzzat Rhonda??? Did you say glass or bottle??
Sandy, long time no hear. Ripping, tearing, cutting - time consuming? Nahhhhhh! I've been using the FA for several years and do really like them. Stay tuned for more.

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks for sharing your progress on this - I'm staying tuned to see how this taping process works. Hope you are staying snug and warm with this wintry weather.

debwardart said...

Ann, looks like you had much worse weather than we did here! Stay tuned . . .