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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Some of you followed along with my watercolor pencil lighthouse a while back.
My husband told me that it “wasn’t up to my usual standard” and that I should not have posted that series.

I told him that it was posted as a simple learning device that would enable people to follow along if they so desired, and that I had stated as much in the post.
If you, like my husband, thought it was below standard, that is the reason – it was not meant to be a masterpiece, but a learning device.

It has been my experience that I must paint a demo to encourage rather then intimidate my students.
The lighthouse painting was done for the 3-hour “make and take” class, and I think that the painting met its purpose well.


Carolyn said...

I found your series very useful. Watercolor pencil never comes out the same for me as regular watercolor anyway. My main problem with them is I have trouble mixing natural looking greens. I mainly use them when sketching outdoors, but I don't expect them to look like my normal watercolors.

laura said...

Hi Deb. I think it's important and healthy for us all to realize that, as my mother would say when her dinner didn't turn out the way she wanted, not every day's a winner!
I like to remember a quote from jean Toomer: Make your doing a practice. If I can take it to heart, it lessens the sting when I'm unhappy with a result.
I agree with and applaud your ethos of teaching!

Cindy said...

I disagree with your husband.

I've just recently started playing with watercolor pencils and appreciated you showing some techniques. The simple painting you used as a demo was perfect. I thing your "usual" work would have been overwhelming for us beginners.

Vicki Greene said...

Not to worry Deb. Anyone that has followed your blog for any amount of time knows the level of excellence of your work. I though the watercolor pencil posts were a fun lets all jump in there and learn something together type of thing. I appreciate you being willing to share this type of post with the rest of us. It is not the yardstick that I measure your work by but it lets me know that you are a secure artist willing to share and help others learn new skills

Carol Blackburn said...

Is your husband an artist too? It must be wonderful having someone to share your experiences with. OK, maybe I'm being a bit sarcastic here.....please don't take offence. Husbands can make for wonderful, humerous material. I think the bloggers got your point and those that needed to "learn" about watercolor pencils did just that. It would be nice to see some of their results. You are an inspiration to us all. Tell him nicely to "go build something." :)

Christiane Kingsley said...

Deb, I really enjoyed following your pencil lighthouse series and fully understood your objective. I would enjoy seeing more such demos on your blog:-)

Gaylynn said...

Those of us that followed along got it. I too only have a few hours into the paintings because it was an exercise. :-)

debwardart said...

Wow all!! I sure hope my hubby reads your comments! So glad you all "got it" as I had anticipated.

Ruth Armitage said...

I always enjoy seeing work in process and demonstrations on blogs.... which I think are more newsy than websites. I think blogs are different than 'polished' websites where people only show their best work. It is instructive to see people's experiments, sketches, etc. and we get to know the artist more!