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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Then it was on to the larger center canvas (24x36). I have not worked on anything that large before and was quite intimidated until I convinced myself that it wasn’t much larger than a full sheet of watercolor paper (DUH!)

I wasn’t sure how the background flowers would look, but wanted to keep them obviously less interesting and bring up the single sunflower and the bee.

I drew in the shapes with charcoal, lived with the drawing for a while and tweaked it a time or two, and then began painting.


laura said...

It's a great idea to "live with" the drawing for a while. I usually plunge in then discover drawing problems too late. I'm going to try to wait!

debwardart said...

Laura, not only do I usually find mistakes at that stage, but continue to find things to "tweak" all along in the process!

RH Carpenter said...

I jump in with the painting too quickly, too - good to check the drawing a few times before getting out the big brushes! I'm sure this one is going to look as good as the other 2 :)

martinealison said...

En ce moment aussi je suis en plein dessin... Il est essentiel aussi de passer par ce stade de la création...
j'ai hâte de voir l'évolution!
Gros bisous

debwardart said...

Rhonda, yep, you are a quick painter, for sure!
Martine said: she is also in the planning stages of a painting and it is essential to "go through this stage of the creation" and she is anxious to see this painting progress!