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Thursday, August 6, 2015


I had been out running errands and it was H-O-T out there.  What a relief to come inside, put away the groceries and sit down with some iced tea and a new art book!  Ahhhhhhhh, the tea was delish with just the right amount of ice and lemon, the book was going to be delightful and I was ready to sit for an hour before I had to start dinner.  When . . . . . the phone rang. 

It was my husband.  Wonder what he needs? . . . .
Me:  “Hello”
Him:  “If you want to get some good pictures for your blog look outside – I just tipped the tractor into the lake”
Me:  “What???  Where?  Are you OK?”
Him:  “I’m fine.  I was mowing along the edge, almost finished, when I got too close to the lake and it tipped over.  Your son is coming to pull me out”.

Sometimes I wonder if he doesn’t do these things on purpose, just to see how far he can push the limits. 

Well, dutiful wife that I am, I got my camera and zoomed in on the proceedings, which I have here for your viewing pleasure.

Most of the equipment has been upside down, sideways or – yep – in a lake or pond at some time in its life.  Seems it was John Deere 110’s turn to do something fun – like go swimming!

Here is the scenario – my husband is standing on the left by his Gator, the tractor sideways, about 1/3 in the lake.  The mowing bar is totally underwater.

 Help is on the way . . . . .!

Getting the chains hooked from the loader to the tractor.
Dad’s ready to pull her out, with some supervision.
When these guys work together you can hear them a quarter of a mile away! 

One can only imagine THIS conversation! 
Always best to let a Pro do it! (or The Changing of the Guard)
And up she comes . . . . .

Being pulled to safety – where she sat overnight to let all things that should never be sideways settle back to an upright position!

Amazingly, the only damage was dirt so she got a good wash, some new oil and will need a new blade on the sickle bar mower!  Some small hand tools were lost in the mud, but easily replaceable. 

No lives were lost, only minor nicks and dings, fortunately most in the head area of the human, so no damage there!  No harm, no foul.  He lives to break more machinery and tempt Fate another day!

Just another day at the Ranch!

Ps – by the time I got back into the house the ice had melted, the tea was weak, the lemon was all fuzzy and it was time to start dinner!!!  (Livin’ the Dream, Joe, Livin’ the Dream!)


RH Carpenter said...

I am so glad he was okay and not in the water underneath that monster!!! Now you can laugh and chide him as much as possible - because, afterall, he does deserve it! How many times has he cut that grass there? Ah, well....a morning of aggravation turns into an afternoon of aggravation - life on the ranch, indeed! ha ha

Ona Kingdon said...

wow. So glad he is ok!

Katherine Thomas said...

Oh my gosh, I'm glad everybody is okay! And what a great attitude for you husband to have, instead of stomping around cursing... he saw the opportunity for a good story to share!