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Friday, October 31, 2008


Here are more bricks for this year’s auction from my friends. (I’m hoping they won’t be mad at me for putting their bricks on here, since I didn’t ask for permission from them).

We Can! - My friend Nancy did this one – it’s her first time and I think she did a super job! My son was curious about how she created the rocks and girl – and so am I! Hmmmmmmm . . . . .
Reaching Out - My friend Sharon did this one. She constantly amazes and impresses me with her artistic abilities. The hand is that of her daughter, Eleanor. Way too cool!
Yoga brick - Linda is a yoga teacher, so here are two views of her Yoga brick so you can see all of the wording – Ommmmmmm!

Here is a photo of the day of the auction – there was a good crowd all afternoon. Sadly, before I left, neither of my bricks had been bid on – but two of the others had! We were told that following the auction, some people just buy the brick for the stated opening bid. Starting bids (set by the organizers of the event) for mine were $50 for Birdbrain Lane and $75 for Memo Brick – perhaps that was too high? Some of the bricks started bidding at $25, others as high as $125-$150! But it's all for a great cause.

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