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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It’s been quite a week, both personally and artistically.

Last Wednesday I started the day with a colonoscopy (yippee!). While the outcome was fine, I seem to always have a problem with anesthesia, so the rest of that day was a write off, which meant that I missed a funeral visitation that evening. Ordinarily that wouldn’t bother me, but the deceased was a good friend of my husband who had died quite suddenly and I was sad that I was unable to attend. However, once Wednesday was over, my week got better!

Friday evening I attended Viewpoint, a national competition sponsored by The Cincinnati Art Club, of which I am a member. Unfortunately, the painting I had entered was not accepted; however, my friend Sharon had a painting in the exhibit. It is the painting on top left – African boys in a circle – entitled “Circle of Friends” (watercolor). She won a magazine award for it!

There were quite a few more gorgeous paintings (and hopefully these two artists will not mind their paintings being shown here - I have purposely kept them small).

Here is Ray Hassard’s “West Meets East” (pastel) for which he won a one year gallery representation. He does wonderful work, so much detail - this was framed as though you were actually looking into the window of the shop!Another painting that caught my eye was Cindy Brabec-King’s “Belonging Unto Him" (watercolor). I have admired her work in magazines and books for years - this painting has so much going on and is quite beautiful up close and personal! Sadly, it did not win an award.
I tried to get more photos, but by the time I had walked around the exhibit and began my second go around with camera at the ready it was getting too crowded to get good pictures. So I must make a “memo to self” for future exhibits – get there early and take my photos right away!
Then on Saturday morning I taught a class at the local library – sunflowers in watercolor. Wow – they all did such a great job – either there were lots of talented people there, or they had a great teacher (ha, ha!). Once again, I meant to get some photos of the class, but we had more people attend than we thought and it was kind of a whirlwind to get everything completed in 3 hours – maybe next time.

This week I have two art club meetings and two art openings this weekend! I always enjoy art openings – such a pleasant way to spend an evening! Now if my paintings would just sell . . .

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RHCarpenter said...

You are sooo funny, Deb. You say I'm brave to put things I put on my blog - then you put on your colonoscopy! ha ha Now that's brave!!
The show was gorgeous with such a variety of paintings in the mix and lots to make one shake ones head and go, "huh?" ha ha