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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Last week I was out with my daughter and we went to the local Old Tyme Pottery so she could pick up some inexpensive glassware. I should have known . . . (you know where this is going!!!)

She spent probably $12 total, if that. I, on the other hand, found numerous items for still life set ups. I’m really enjoying doing still life (never would have thought it!) but never can find interesting enough items. Well, about $60 later, I had many neat items to work with. I was so excited that I stopped at the grocery on the way home and picked up a couple bouquets to utilize, too. The plan was to take many photos the next day. However . . . The next day the sun never came out. Ditto for the next several days. But the flowers hung on for dear life.

Finally, though, the sun came out and I took almost 200 photos of many set ups. (I told you I was excited!). Now to edit them and get some new paintings started . . .

Soon I hope to have some new and awesome still lifes to show you – just don’t hold your breath!

Just so I'd have a photo with my post, here is a tray of glass ornaments (I was thinking reflections though, not Christmas!)

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RHCarpenter said...

Oooooo, gorgeous glass! Will love seeing you start on this one! Next time you need "stuff" just come and rummage at my house - I won't charge you $60! ha ha Setups for still lifes are always difficult for me - there is so much mental preparation and thought about negative shapes, how the eye is led in and kept in the picture plane, etc. Will look forward to seeing some of yours.