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Sunday, May 31, 2009


If you looked at this picture and thought you saw cows under a sun umbrella – well – you were right!
I must say that, no matter what else being married to my husband may be – it is not boring!
This is his latest invention! Since the cows are moved on rotational grazing every day they do not have shade in some areas – so now they will! He took one of our old “sunbrellas” and attached a pipe to the side of his water trough that the umbrella can slide into.
He’s convinced he won’t have to put the umbrella down in case of windy weather, but I can foresee a time when a tornadic wind gust may just take it all on a spin to ? ? ? ? I can envision a startled homeowner trying to explain what he’s seeing when this thing lands in his yard!
I think that conversation would be something like this: “Uh, officer, something strange just landed in my front yard. . . . . You want me to describe it??? . . . . Well, uh, it looks like, well – a redneck outdoor bathtub attached to an umbrella! . . . . (slight pause) . . . . Uh, no sir, I haven’t had a drink all day, but I might need one now!!!!”
The "girls" are eating machines!

Here is the water trough with the pipe attached on the left with the umbrella stuck in it!

Here's Rancher Mike talking to one of the girls!

Here's Rancher Mike moving the whole shebang - the water trough with umbrella attached with the mineral feeder attached to that. (Note the straw cowboy hat with purple feather!)And here's our motto: HAPPY COWS ARE TASTY COWS!!!


Vicki Greene said...

How funny! I think that your hubby and my hubby might be long lost cousins or something.

debwardart said...

In that case Vicki - my condolences!!!

RHCarpenter said...

Well, he's a clever guy, Deb, but I think you may be right with some of the winds we've been having - I just hope it doesn't land in my yard! At first, I thought you had taught your cows to paint and that was just their plein air equipment :)

debwardart said...

Good one, Rhonda! By the way, did you take me off your blog roll??? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me! (I did just get new bifocals which I REFUSE TO WEAR!!!)

Gary Keimig said...

great blog. Loved going through it
God bless and happy painting

Gary Keimig said...

Wanted to drop you another line after reading your comment on my blog. It is a small world. Les is one and the same. He still lives in Cincinnatti and also has a place just west of Dubois. We are pretty good friends and he was in the gallery just befor I read your comment. He and I are planning a hike wednesday to go Pika hunting. No not to kill but I discovered a Pika colony north of Dubois and with the little critters now being one of the most endangerd species in America because of global warming I want to check and see if that population is still there. I really have my fingers crossed.
I posted him with a hike we did first of the year on my first posting on Outdoor Adventures and he will be there again very soon.

Mary Sonya Conti said...

Am still laughing over this one Deb. You gotta hand it to him; he's so creative and caring. Rhonda; am with you figured plein air for sure! waiting for the brush taped to the hoof pic.

RHCarpenter said...

No way, Deb, I didn't drop you - I think I just shortened the blogroll icons down to the 1st 10 showing at all times and then you click on Show All at the end and you get the whole string down the side. You're still there :) Missed you at GCWS today and have some questions for you I'll ask later :)

debwardart said...

Sonya - got a painting already painted "inside my head" and maybe I'll get it out to the public some time!!!
Rhonda - thank goodness, thought I'd been dropped like a hot potato!! (See how much I need blogging classes!!!!)

RHCarpenter said...

Deb, I only drop you (or move you down to the level without icons) if you disappear for over a month at a never do that (or haven't yet, anyway!).