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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The above is a photo of Kathy's painting! "By jove, she got it!!!!"
Thursday through Saturday was the Steve Blackburn workshop. I had taken my overhead mirror but, much to my horror, discovered that the ceiling was not high enough for it to be used. However, Steve, the “un”-temperamental artist, was just fine with it, and everything worked out since we were a small group.

Following the evening demo, two full days of information was packed into our tiny artist brains!!! Don’t know about everyone else, but I was EXHAUSTED by Saturday evening! It’s a lot to take in – pouring miskit and paint, composition, drawing, unity, new support, negative painting – but I think we “got it” judging from the paintings I saw completed. Just about everyone had one completed painting and one started which they can complete at home utilizing the skills just learned.

I heard favorable comments and think that everyone learned something, had a good time, and perhaps made a new friend!

My thanks to Steve and Anne! And a super special thanks to Sonya and Sharon!

Here are some photos from the workshop.

Above and below - Steve during the demo.

The next series of photos is Steve's tomato painting.

Here is the sunflower Steve painted.

Here is the class hard at work.

Here are some of the paintings either finished or in process - Day 2 of the workshop.

June's floral.

On the left - Gerri's floral and on the right Pat's tulips.

Sandy's iris - this one should be great when finished - (let me see it please!!!)

Teresa's sunflower - GO SLOW!!!

Cheryl's leaves!!!

Pat again - she and Gerri were prolific painters!

And Gerri's second floral:


laura said...

Wow! These are beautiful, so bold--but where're yours??
It looks like miskit is splashed across the paper randomly ... is that right?

debwardart said...

Something like that!!!
Got one sort of done, another that I plan to continue - I can post them later (after MUCH work is done on them or they are redone!)

Gaylynn said...

Everybody's work looks great! I am so glad that all went well and everyone learned a lot. I hope you patted yourself on the back for a successful weekend!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Steve's a wonderful artist, and the photos tell what a successful time everyone had. So glad he was here again. Looks like a really good workshop with beautiful results.

debwardart said...

I think most were pleased with their work and appreciated the learning experience!
Yep, Steve is a good artist - and I heard no whining during the workshop!!!

RHCarpenter said...

Well, if the students can create such great work in just a few days of an intense learning experience, they must really have been soaking up the info. Great paintings! Want to see your painting when you have it ready to unveil :)