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Sunday, May 24, 2009


I had picked up these little 2x2 canvases some time ago, didn’t know what I’d ever use them for but they were cute! Then I had my brainstorm – to use them as little pears on a big pear.

Then we had our show coming up with the theme of “seven” so . . . . I painted the little pears . . . . . . . . to be placed on the big pear!
Here is the final piece. Can you figure out how this incorporates “7” and why I call it . . .
Numerical Pears, 12x24, fluid acrylic on canvas


Vicki Greene said...

Well aren't you clever. How cute!

Chris Beck said...

What a fun idea!! Very creative!! I love how the little pears are camouflaged on the background of the big pear!!

RH Carpenter said...

You are a clever girl, Deb, and this was one of my favorites - and your watercolor batik of the flag (you should show it, too!) - at the show. I love the whimsy of it and how you painted 7 pears and I like the title, too :) Now bring your biggest brush over here and help me finish this housepainting! I'll even let you paint a big pear on the side of the house if you want...well, maybe I depends on how very very tired I am at the time! ha ha

Gaylynn said...

Very CUTE! Love the whimsy. Just a FYI for the GCWS Show next all do know that you are competing with Summerfair?

debwardart said...

Thanks Vicki, it was so much fun to do - totally not my "normal thing".
Chris, glad you noticed the "camouflage" idea, too!
Rhonda, I will put up the flag soon - and while I sympathize with your house painting dilemma, I ain't no house painter! Too much heat, too many bees, afraid of heights so don't do ladders (shall I go on!!) But I wish you good luck!
Gaylynn, didn't know Summerfair was open already?? I'll have to try to get to that! Trust me, we are NO COMPETITION for Summerfair!! I'll look forward to seeing you next week.