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Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm B a a a a c k!!

Back from my painting retreat and into the "real world" again. . . . Spent the entire day doing laundry and cleaning.

Seems that while I was away frolicking with my friends there was an "incident" in the kitchen involving the refrigerator, a TV, a jar of hot sauce, a Corningware bowl full of frozen chili and bifocals. (I do NOT make up this stuff, it really happens in my house!) I was made aware of the aformentioned "incident" last night after arriving home and getting my hand stuck to the pantry door. (Bet you didn't know that when hot sauce is exposed to the air for an unknown length of time it becomes a glue-like gelatinous substance somewhat akin to "Tacky Glue")

I also no longer revile Bill Clinton for his "define" moment. I now understand that men really do define things differently than women do. Case in point - "I cleaned it ALL up."
Woman's definition - "there is not a speck, grain, morsel, drop, sliver, shard or molecule left".
Man's definition - "some, most, part of or any portion larger than a quarter may (or may not) be gone".

But, I must remember - he did lose those bifocals!!!

* * * * *

Fred the Fish has survived another week of neglect, but just barely. He was in a bad state today, apparently suffering from a lack of oxygen in his water, and it took him a while to recover after I cleaned and fed him, but he seems to have perked up.

Judging by the slime covering my arm, the dog apparently missed me too, and is glad I'm back!

* * * * *

Our yearly painting retreat is now fond and funny memories - laughter, painting, good food, walking, driving, rain, sunshine, docks, "bars", birdhouses, "hey gals" and a mean game of "Painting!" - can't wait until next year!!!
* * * * *
Please click on the Richeson 75 Still Life and Floral Show - FINALLY online!!!
* * * * *
Oh yeah - for those of you who care - while I was gone my car was repaired - after my husband went to "visit" the shop to see my back seat and the entire contents of my trunk laying on the floor of the shop, the car completely gutted. It was something with the fuel lines. Drove it tonight and it looks and runs fine - and smells like someone cleaned the seats!!!


Terry said...

Thank you for making my day start of laughing like mad and its so good to know that I am not the only person who lives in a wacky household but I unlike you dare not tell the world ROFL.

Keep up the good work as I love to start the day off laughing as it seems to make everything else that comes my way during the day so much easier to handle being in a happy mood

Vicki Greene said...

Welcome back!

Arti said...

Welcome back, Deb:)

Gaylynn said...

I am glad you are back. I know your husband is since the mess he created needed a womens touch lol
And I am especially glad that you are mobile again! Loved seeing your work on the Richeson site. Congratulations!

debwardart said...

Terry - glad I can make you happy!
Vicki and Arti - thanks.
Gaylynn - thanks for checking out the Richeson site - I am so happy to have 3 pieces in that show!