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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Bill’s Beauty” is an old Chrysler.
One day, I was driving down the local highway past an old (1800’s) and beautiful home that I always admire. On that particular day the sun was shining and it glinted off the windshield of an old car for sale, so I pulled into the drive and looked around. Seeing no one, I started to take some photos of the car. Just then a man came out from behind the barn and I introduced myself and told him why I was trespassing (!) and taking photos. He wasn’t upset at all, and asked me if I’d like to see another car.
Well, he took me around to a building behind the barn where it was clear he liked to restore old cars! He proceeded to pull a tarp off of a lump and there was a beautifully restored old Chrysler. He asked if I’d be interested in some photos of it, and when I said “yes” he proceeded to fire it up (what a “purr” that engine had!) and drive it out onto the front lawn where I took several photos.
The first painting painted from those photos sold before I could get a picture of it! However, I still have this one in my “collection”!


Vicki Greene said...

A very nice painting and pleasant memories too.

Cindi said...

my gosh youve been one busy gal... i love all of these especially the bug.. yep i had one, but in blue!!! do you do blue???? LOL

maybe i should get some shots of hubbys collection.. 6 remaining and do a few for this christmas... these are really really nice!!! good job there, kiddo!!

debwardart said...

Vicki - have some great car stories from my "car era"!
Cindi - definitely do a series!