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Friday, November 13, 2009


Here are some of the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Artists whose paintings were in the ViewPoint 2009 show. (Carolyn Hibbard, from my prior posting, is also a GCWS member).
First we have Rhonda Carpenter - who we all know and love! Rhonda is just below her beautiful watercolor painting of a macro hydrangea blossom "Am I Blue".

Next is Joan Miley by her watercolor painting "Veggie Copia".

Then we have Wynne Bittlinger by her watercolor painting "Guilty" - the lower painting of the dog.

And last, but certainly not least! - is Susan Grogan with her watercolor batik "Schwan" - the lower painting.

Not shown here are Bob Nowicki who won an award with his painting "Crossroads", an acrylic collage.

Kay Worz entered a watercolor "Guarded Moment", painted in her signature style.

And as mentioned - Carolyn Hibbard entered her watercolor "Bloomin' Beauties".


RHCarpenter said...

The oils may have taken the big prizes, but the watercolors rock!!! We'll get 'em next year :)

Ginny Stiles said...

I am so totally impressed with the quality of these paintings, Deb. Wow and double wow! Fun to see Rhonda too.

Cindi said...

how fun this looks.. wonderful paintings and great artists.... thanks for sharing.. never know you might get me brave enough to get involved

Vicki Greene said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. It is so nice to have a person's face to go with their painting. Susan looks so young!

Vicki Greene said...

I don't know why I said Susan in the previous comment (not that Susan don't look young but I haven't seen her work before). I was trying to say that Rhonda looks so young.

debwardart said...

Yep - Rhonda does look young!!!
And Rhonda - I will be encouraging watermedia artists everywhere to "go get 'em" next year!! (Didja hear that Cindi!!!)

debwardart said...
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