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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Periodically I get something called an ocular migraine – had one today. I know it’s coming when my vision blurs right in the center. The first time this happened to me I was freaked out, didn’t know if I was going blind or having a stroke. A call to my ophthalmologist calmed me down. Now, I can’t say I’m used to having them, but at least they don’t freak me out (as much!).
As I said, it begins with a blur in the center of my vision. This turns into something like a cross between a prism and a kaleidoscope - jagged edges. This image gradually widens and spirals outward – so after a few minutes I can read – but with this image blurred and gradually moving away at the outer edges of my sight. (Think of looking at a TV screen or a book page with a kaleidoscope superimposed over it, moving outward).
I now know that the whole process takes about a half hour to dissipate. Since I will see this image whether my eyes are open or closed, depending on how busy I am, I either: sit quietly with my eyes closed and let the process go – just watching the pretty images spread slowly and enjoy the show; or wait a few minutes until it has moved far enough that I can read, etc.
I usually don’t have any problems afterward although on occasion I get a slight, dull headache for a little while.
And now I have “floaters” in my left eye. Very annoying.
Just thought I’d share.
(Between the vertigo, floaters and migraines, guess there’s a doctor visit in my future).


Chris Beck said...

Grrrr... Floaters!! You seem to be meeting all of my friends!! Let me reassure you that they usually sink or become diminished (maybe I've just learned to tune them out?), so don't freak out.

Sandy Maudlin said...

I share your enjoyment of ocular migraines, too. My doc said a change in caffiene is one of the causes, as is strtess, etc... Floaters? Me too. Getting old is just wonderful, isn't it? Have a merry Christmas anyway! And the gourd painting was very good - did you crop off the bottom or quiet it down?

RHCarpenter said...

Ewwww! Sounds scary and just rude to come on at this time of year - too busy, too much to do! I am fighting a migraine that had me actually giving up and going to bed yesterday :( Most of the time I can fight my way through it but it's still nagging today - stupid migraine! But I've written a Christmas song about it and will post that on my blog soon - come over and sing along! ha ha

Ginny Stiles said...

Oh Deb...this sounds kind of scary. But you didn't mention a lot of I hope they are not too painful. I've had some floaters in my past too. You should have them checked out..they can be nothing. They can be something. I've had some sinus pressure the last couple days...makes me sore and a "face ache". Was able to get in a little nap today and that should help. Do take care.

debwardart said...

Guess the concensus is - I'm just getting OLD(ER)!!!
And I've apparently stumbled upon the way to get people to comment - post my health issues!!!
Seriously - thank you all for your concern.
Sandy - still working on the gourds - after quieting it down, softening edges, working on darks, etc. etc.!!

Cindi said...

hmmmmmm?? something else to look forward to in this fun aging process?? its something new each day, it seems!!! glad the doc has reassured you and you can now just enjoy the light show!!

take care kiddo!!

RHCarpenter said...

Don't worry, Deb. You're not really "old" until your boobs get closer to your knees! ha ha

Teresa said...

First time I hear about this! it does sound scary, and kind of interesting in a wicked way, I hope it doesn't hurt, doesn't sound THAT fun after all... :(