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Friday, January 1, 2010


Of course we will be seeing many New Year’s resolutions posted in the next couple of weeks. I decided to start with my accomplishments of 2009, such as they are, before I set my next goals.

This past year I:
• was the chairperson for the GCWS spring show for the second year in a row;
• took over part of the membership duties for GCWS;
• had 2 pieces accepted into the Miamisburg Art Guild regional show;
• had 1 piece accepted into the Middletown Arts Center area show;
• won 1st place in the Southeastern Indiana Art Guild spring show;
• was involved in other local groups who each had a spring show and a fall show;
• taught three Saturday classes for DHAC;
• sponsored a workshop for Stephen Blackburn;
• was voted onto the Cincinnati Art Club Board and am Chairperson for the ViewPoint show from 2009-2011;
• taught a series of workshops in my home;
• taught a series of classes for the Cincinnati Recreation Commission.

In addition to being in the shows for the local groups that I belong to (KHAC, GCWS, SIAG) I also had:
• 1 painting accepted into the Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati 116th Annual Exhibit;
• three of my paintings accepted into the Richeson Still Life and Floral show;
• three of my paintings accepted by the Bethesda Foundation to hang at the Mary Jo Cropper Family Breast Center on the Bethesda Hospital Campus;
• one watercolor accepted into the Georgia Watercolor Society members show.

In between all that I managed to head to Tennessee for my annual painting retreat and take trips to Atlanta and Kentucky with my husband.

Good grief – how does one go from doing nothing to doing too much?????

My last year’s resolution was – and the result is:
Become a better blogger – (a partial success) - thanks to Rhonda I’ve learned a few more things, but have not put them all into practice – hopefully as time goes on I’ll add a few more “tricks”!
Learn to paint portraits – (a total failure) - yep – this one follows me around like a bad penny and is on the top of my list again this year!
Post two blogs a week – (a success) - pretty much managed to do so – and some of you may have noticed that I quickly snuck 4 blogs into the last two weeks of the year just to make my 104 for 2009!

My 2010 resolutions are:
1 - Learn to paint portraits!!!
2 - Make more time each week to paint - it should be my JOB!!!
5 - 104 posts for 2010!


P.S. I already feel like a failure for numbers 3 and 4!


Ann Buckner said...

You accomplished so much this past year and wishing you much success in the coming year, Deb.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Congratulations on your very successful year. Here's to wishing you the success you will accomplish this new year. Cheers.

RHCarpenter said...

You really have accomplished a lot in 2009, and have taken on a lot more responsibility, Deb. And I think 2010 will be even more successful for you because you deserve it :) As for portraits, now, don't let them get you down, just try one every now and then until the fear goes away and you'll be doing them in no time. Love the new top banner :)

Gaylynn said...

I am in AWE of your accomplishments!
I wish 2010 to be even more successful for you!

Chris Beck said...

You've had a great year -- so what if tidy and focussed aren't your forte -- heck, they're overrated anyway!!

Love the new look of the blog!!!

debwardart said...

Thank you all for your support. Glad you like my "new" look!
Gaylynn - all I can say is that you are easily impressed!!!
Rhonda - hope springs eternal!

K. Henderson Art said...

I wish one of your resolutions was to have a place on your blog so that folks could subscribe. I love getting blog updates in my email

Lisa Faulkner Wright said...

Congratulations on a very accomplished year! Your community is fortunate to have you. Wishing you success with the portraits, a very worthwhile resolution.

Cindi said...

a great year, wonderful sucesses.. i'm so impressed... congrats..

im with you on the portrait thingy !! my number one goal this year is figuring that out.. we should help each other.. YEAH!!! no wait, i dont know what im doing, i cant help ya!!! darn!!LOL

debwardart said...

Cindi - that's the blind leading the blind - not good for painting!