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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Here I have begun my darks. They look a bit too green for me so I’ll be working on pulling in some more dark color to offset the “green-y-ness”!

Since I have a habit – a bad habit – of too many hard edges, I decided to incorporate tape on the edges of some of my petals for some softer edges. I really like how it has worked, even though it’s a pain – very time consuming to tear it, and then you are left with little pieces to dispose of.

I should have taken a picture of my table – there were dozens of little pieces of torn tape stuck to the oil cloth I use to cover the dining room table when I paint there. I was able to use some of them on the paper, but the rest were disposed of – mostly after I accidentally set my arm down on them, thereby attaching them to me!

And, I think I’ve got too many hard edges on the petals.

P.S.  It may take me a few days to get back to this - got "office work" stuff to do - don't you hate it when life interferes with your painting time!!!

Also - has anyone noticed that Blogger seems a bit "jumpy" when going from post to comment - or is it just my computer here in the frozen wasteland (aka "The Midwest"!!!)


Ginny Stiles said...

So much fun watching this unfold. Are you putting masking tape on the edges? I never heard of that. Sorry you are so frozen. Spring WILL come...I read that somewhere.

debwardart said...

Yes, tape on the edges of some of the petals.

Teresa said...

I am loving all the texture you're achieving in those edges Deb, and in the background too.
Somehow when I read your first post on this one I thought you'd keep the whole painting high key, I like the dark background you've incorporated much better :D, but still that texture is the winner!
How do you manage to paint something this big so fast?

RHCarpenter said...

Yummy yummy so far, Deb. I think wetting and dropping some of that purple color into the green will push back and dull some of the prettiness. You're frozen? Gosh, who'd a thunk it?? Still digging out over here - I'll get it done just in time for the next snow, of course :)
Spring = our girls only trip to Shaker Village - I'm still looking forward to it!

debwardart said...

Teresa - you and me both thought it would stay "high key" - oh well, some habits die hard! In looking at the pix here on the blog again, wish I had just done a little something to define those petals and quit while I was ahead! Maybe next time. But glad you like it! I'm happy with the texture, too. Wow, so you think this is a fast painting!!! (Do you also enjoy watching grass grow - LOL!!!!) More to come in a few days . .
Rhonda - have worked a bit more on it and didn't think to drop purple in the greens - but might put that in somewhere. It's resting on the piano right now while I "live with it". Planning on starting something else in between boring office/typing stuff! We are dug out also, awaiting the next batch of snow - and it better not be too much since we are running out of places to pile it!!! Let me know when to pack my bags!!! - although there has been lots of bad weather to the south of us this year - Atlanta to have 6 in. today!

Arti said...

Greens are textured so beautifully here.Peony is taking shape almost magically!Haven't tried fluid acrylics on paper- do they behave as watercolors?

debwardart said...

Arti - yes, you can use them just like w/c on paper - but remember, once they dry you cannot lift them!