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Monday, April 26, 2010


This weekend I gave a 2-day workshop in fluid acrylics.  You can see more about that at Rhonda's blog - she took lots of photos and has lots of description - and I promise I didn't pay her for that!  Didn't even know she was doing it - when you are the teacher you get so focused you become oblivious to what else is going on - like forgetting to put out the coffee cups and not realizing it's lunch time!  I also forgot to take any photos on Saturday, but remembered on Sunday.

Jean had never painted before - never, nothing, nada (but she may be hooked now!)  She painted along with me on Saturday and used a reference from one of the other ladies on Sunday.

Sharon is going to make a series of 4 florals for her kitchen - she likes yellow!

Sharon's first try with FA and first time working on a board in a watermedia.

Jo does a great job, whether it's watercolor or FA!

Rhonda worked on 3 over the weekend!

My Saturday demo, unfunished - photos courtesy of Rhonda!

My Sunday demo - I'm liking this one and will finish it (soon, I hope!)
I've got lots of computer catching up to do, and then am out of town a couple days, but may have some blog posts uploaded in the meantime!   Hope you don't miss me while I'm gone!
(No paintings were harmed in the taking of these photos!)


Vicki Greene said...

These wonderful photos just make me ill because I wasn't there. This is just amazing work to be done in a workshop.

Christiane Kingsley said...

I had read Rhonda's description of Day 1 and yesterday I could not help thinking of all of you painting and learning and having a great time. I was dying to hear about Day 2!
What great results everyone got. They must have had an great teacher!

And, sorry, Deb, but we will miss you while you are out of town:-)

debwardart said...

Vicki and Christiane - you guys are too kind! But everyone did a good job, especially the lady who had never painted before!!! Doesn't Rhonda do a wonderful job of reporting (I think she missed her calling!!)

Lisa Walsh said...

Looks like you throw a great workshop! Rhonda was a wonderful reporter, your class did some beautiful work. I'm going to make it a point to join you all in the future, looks like fabulous fun.

Arti said...

looks like you people were having a great time!Beautiful art pieces...

debwardart said...

Lisa - you would be welcome any time!
Arti - we did have fun and (hopefully) everyone learned something!