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Monday, April 5, 2010


Here is the start of some yellow lilies photographed in Chicago a couple of years ago, and I’m finally getting around to using them in a painting!
First I poured some misket – since I used Winsor & Newton colorless it is pretty impossible to see.  Then I poured some yellow and green DaVinci fluid acrylics.
The next step was to tape some tracing paper over the painting and attempt to find lily shapes in the poured paint.
To the best of my ability, and using my photo as a reference only, I found shapes that represented lily petals in the shapes in the paint and drew those shapes onto the tracing paper.
I think this is the thing about this technique that confuses people. Due to the abstract nature of the pours, it is hard to define exactly where the painted shapes will end up. You can trace the drawing first and then attempt to pour the miskit and paint within the parameters of the drawing, but it is probably better to try to make your drawing fit the pours, and use your photo as a reference for a jumping off point only.

So, while the painting will look somewhat like the photo, it is not a direct copy of the photo.


Christiane Kingsley said...

I love seeing this technique used. I am really looking forward to seeing your progress photos. You already have a very nice start.

Cindi said...

yippee.. we are pouring again.. oh my kitchen sink.. hee hee!!! i did just buy some hot press that thismight be fun on so watching with interest.... hope you had a wonderful Easter...

Kathy Wirth said...

Great start! I just love this technique and have started another poured miskit one myself.

debwardart said...

Thanks Christiane - stay tuned - it's coming slow but sure!!
Cindi - yep, grab some Comet at the grocery - we be pourin' agin!! Hot press would probably be great.
Kathy - you have really mastered this technique and your paintings always come out great. But they might need one thing - how about a little lace sticking out of the bottom (LOL!!!)