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Saturday, November 6, 2010


This week my “work week” began on Saturday – at the Cincinnati Art Club with some prearranged helpers and a few who recruited themselves! – opening the shipped work for ViewPoint.
Sunday required a few phone calls and emails to keep the ViewPoint show on track.
Monday - up to the art club to receive the dropped off paintings. I took a book to read to occupy myself – sounds boring, doesn’t it? Well, seems I know many of the artists and it was fun to take a few minutes to chat with each (some a bit more than a few minutes!) – so I never even had time to begin my book!
Tuesday – easy day - went to have copies of the show program made
Wednesday – to the Art Club for the awards judging. Nita Leland scared the pants off of me at one point, but other than that, the day went well. Nita was very informative about the jurying process and I enjoyed seeing her again. After she left I tagged all of the artwork; then it was home to begin working on the awards list and making phone calls.
Thursday – I took care of putting together all of the awards, making and receiving phone calls and getting everything organized for Friday night.
Friday – the big day! As I say, the show is kind of like a Thanksgiving dinner – there are so many parts to it but they all have to come together at one moment in time. We loaded the door prize, plus the awards, into the car and got to the art club early, even with a "Friday night traffic jam"!  Just in time to figure out how to put together the easel which was the door prize – and then people began walking in the door.
I’m told that at one point people were waiting in line to get in! I knew it was crowded - I’ll take that as a great tribute on a well received show!

Winners will be listed, with photos, on the CAC website – click on ViewPoint - but give us a few days since our webmaster is out of town – by mid to late week those photos should be up  – and I’ll put up a link on the sidebar.
If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area, please stop in – weekends 2-5.

Got another busy week this week, and then I may take a little rest!


Gaylynn said...

You did a fabulous job! I had a great time viewing the show and talking with Sharon Roeder. The Sharon I came with, we met up with Mary Helen Wallace and was thrilled to be by her side when you called her name.
I so want to come back and view the show without so many people.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Wow, Debs - what a week but also what a great success. All those lucky artists listed to have such a wonderful curator and do so much work for them. Its about time artists saw what was involved to set up a show. Well done.

debwardart said...

Gaylynn - glad you and your friend enjoyed the show - it's open weekends you know, so come on back! It is nice to be able to stand and look around without the crowd - which seemed larger than usual this year (yippee!)
Joan - you are right - until you have done the work you really don't appreciate what goes into a show. I have lots of volunteers to help! Now a little time to relax before we start on next year's show!