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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Once again, I had painted this one in my head, even knowing the colors I would be using! This is a half sheet and there are lots and lots of lines, so I wanted to keep the colors very simple.
For some reason, lately I have been painting like a typewriter!!!  From left to right, from top to bottom,  Have no idea why!
But it seems to be working well for me!  On this painting, I was able to go back to areas painted in the same painting session; due to the small areas they dried quickly. 

Once again, many hours and days of painting; I really do mean to keep track of the time spent, but I almost always forget once I sit down to paint – after all, it’s painting time, not book work time!


Studio at the Farm said...

Deb, your marathon of painting is really paying off! This is truly a wonderful work, and I look forward to seeing the completed work.

RH Carpenter said...

I am so glad I get to enjoy this one coming together without having to paint it - it would drive me nuts! ha ha Looking so good, Deb :)

Carol Blackburn said...

Progressing nicely, Deb. I've yet to try anything this complicated.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Oh, I really like this painting! You will have many hours of painting pleasure working on it, I'm sure - it's a bit like a puzzle, I would think.

debwardart said...

Kathryn - Glad you are enjoying this.
Rhonda - now, that would be a short drive! (Ha, ha!)
Carol - this is way more complicated than I usually paint, but I'm enjoying it.
Christiane - yes, MANY hours! And you are right, it is sort of like a puzzle - as it all comes together.

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Love this! Watercolor takes so much planning for me. I'm just in awe of you artists who do such beautiful work!

debwardart said...

Thanks Kimberly!