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Saturday, October 8, 2011


After I had retraced all of my lines very lightly with a mechanical pencil I was ready to miskit some areas. However, as soon as I touched the miskit to the paper I knew I was in trouble; it sank into the paper. I immediately stopped and made a tiny test area on the outer edge of the paper to see how this would look. The miskit pulled up the paper on the test strip. I was in a panic and almost felt sick, having already spent so much time on this painting. I waited until the miskit was good and dry and then very, very carefully chipped away at it with a miskit eraser (rubber cement pickup). It came off pretty good, but, of course, there was one area where it pulled up the paper. Right in the middle of the orb.

(Please refer back to a recent post to see the word that formed on my lips!)

Well, I decided that if that was the only bad area I could probably proceed – WITH CAUTION! I’ve seen framed paintings with scrub outs and even small holes in them, so if “they” can do it, so can I!


Carol Blackburn said...

I do hope you can save this one, Deb. What a challenge! Beautiful photo you showed us on the other post (I did go check it out). Good luck!

Cindi said...

hi little lady.. remember me?? LOL i have missed your work and YOU!!! other than the miskit.. hope life is treating you well...((()))
have you ever tried pebeo drawing gum.. its amazing and ive never had the problems, i have had previously with any other kind of miskit..
will be stopping by more ( fingers crossed) and enjoying your work and saying hi..

hugs, cindi

debwardart said...

Carol, I was referring to a post wherein I showed pix of my husband's cow s*** pile - now that's the word I said when I saw the miskit pull up the paper!!!
Hi Cindi - life is hectic right now but should slow down in December. Yes, I usually use Pebeo and that's what I used on this one - the paper is too soft for miskit at all; but thank you for the advice. Glad you are back painting and blogging and hope you had a wonderful time on your painting friends trip.

Chris Beck said...

I think you may have some Fabriano Uno Softpress -- I bought a bunch of that many years ago and abandoned it when I started using masking fluid. Sure hope you can work around the problem -- your drawing is awesome!!

debwardart said...

Thank Chris, I think that's what it is; live and learn!

Christiane Kingsley said...

What a terrible feeling we get when something like this has happened to me, but I can't remember with what paper. I am currently using a 300# Fabriano CP and this one accepts a lot of abuse.
I am sure that you will find a way to minimize the problem.

debwardart said...

Christiane - never had this problem before!