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Monday, November 28, 2011


This photo is a little odd in color, but you can see the addition of a stem for the left flower.
As usual, when I do a demo, I’m not really invested in the painting and probably don’t care whether I ever complete the painting. However, since I was in a sunflower mood (!) I decided to complete this one - at least, I think it’s complete – any suggestions? - and please don’t say (like my daughter does) “needs more detail”!!! (LOL)

This is fluid acrylic on a 10x20 canvas.


Arti said...

Our children are sometimes the most vocal critics!:) Its great, Deb.

RH Carpenter said...

It doesn't need more detail! ha ha It's finished - sign it and be happy with this one :)

moira said...

wow i love them. I work in acrylic but this is so subtle like watercolour. shame i live in the good old, cold, uk, as i would love to come to a workshop. I will just have to continue watching online. lovely stuff. keep it up.

debwardart said...

Arti - "sometimes"!!! How about "always"!! Thank you.
Rhonda, yep, it's as done as it's gonna get!
Moira, thanks for your comment. Your work has a very unique style; I like it!