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Sunday, January 1, 2012


The beginning of a new year is a lot like a painting – literally a blank canvas. We haven’t had time to screw anything up yet, all possibilities are bright and shiny and we are optimistic – “this year (painting) will be better than the last”.

I spent most of my day painting and listening to the wind blow – it’s very windy here, guess it has arrived from the far west where semis were being blown over on the highway. Not THAT windy, but our lake had waves and there were some thumps and bumps not normally heard that indicate something was blowing around outside.

Also spent time cleaning – even “hot mopped” – and creating an impromptu family dinner. Originally it was just me and my husband, until my daughter called. I had spoken to her yesterday and she never mentioned coming for dinner, but I should have known. Joe was working and she didn’t want to eat alone, especially when she found out pork chops were on the menu. And Joe might come. (I’m learning that means he will be here come heck or high water, since he can drive his patrol car anywhere. Of course, that also means he may fly out in the middle of dinner if he gets a call out). So . . . another package of meat to thaw and a quick spot clean (mostly my spotted kitchen floor) with the hot mop. Now I’m back to painting – oh yes, and typing while paint dries!

I’ve been painting all through the holidays on very detailed paintings (gee, I’m sure you are all very surprised to hear that last bit of info!!!). It’s very zen-like and gives me plenty of time to let my mind wander to ponder various offbeat items, and to daydream.   (See my photo and notes below about my new favorite brush!)

Today I got to pondering about people without hobbies or friends. Whether you find painting a hobby or your full time career, consider yourself blessed. You have a way to occupy your time in a productive way and create something wonderful. It’s very fulfilling. And if you are lucky you have found other like minded people and have created a group of artists/friends to paint with, which makes the whole enterprise even more enjoyable. I’m blessed to have found that and regularly meet with one or two and yearly meet with our special painting group for a fantastic week. I would probably not be sane without them!

Sometimes, while waiting for paint to dry, I read or . . . . . fritter away time watching TV. Particulary HGTV. I’m fascinated with wealth (who isn’t!) which is not to say I need a vast amount of wealth to be happy. (I refer you to the prior paragraph!). But that doesn’t mean I would say no to someone handing me boatloads of cash. (If you have a few extra million laying around you don’t need, email me and I’ll send you my address)!

Lately HGTV has been showing the “Millions” programs. “Million Dollar Houses”, “Million Dollar Pools”, “Million Dollar Outdoor Spaces”, ad nauseum. Which is why I’m currently feeling Candy Spelling’s pain. After all, she’s downsizing and was forced to move from her home within 30 days after she sold it.

Now, is it just me, or isn’t it usual to move out of your house after you sell it? And, isn’t 30 days a fairly normal amount of time to do this? And, don’t most people move on their own without a “staff” to assist. And don’t they normally accomplish their move in one moving van versus a fleet?

Oh well, I still feel her pain. After all, she is downsizing - into a space the size of her prior attic. Now, I’ll bet you are feeling her pain too as you contemplate being forced to reside in your own attic. Oh yes, feel her pain - until I tell you the size of that attic - which is to say – 17,000 square feet. Or, as I figured out, a space about 8.5 times the size of my house (give or take a 1,000 square feet). Down from a 100 room, 27 bathroom mansion. I’m sure there were some servants quarters in there somewhere too, but who’s counting? Oh, yes, I’m feeling her pain.

And I’m fascinated!

HGTV is a veritable fairyland for adults. Oh, magnificent houses! In far away places. Where people get to work from the beach or their penthouse condo. Or, not work at all – let the staff do it!

Once a year HGTV will even let people win one of these magnificent houses. (“Oh, maybe I’ll win someday!” I tell myself as I daydream about how wonderful it would be to live in such a place. If only I had entered). HGTV even lets us take a private tour before anyone moves in.

Of course, HGTV doesn’t tell you how you will be able to afford the upkeep on this magnificent home, or what the cost to furnish it will be. Maybe you can call up Candy and she’ll give you a good discount on some of her stored furniture. After all, she probably needs the cash, seeing as how she’s been forced to move and downsize, and all.

Well, enough of my day dreaming! I’ve got work to do! But before I go . . . .

Hope this year is good to you (even if it ends dramatically on December 12 rather than December 31, as per the Mayan prediction). May your painting improve and your life be richer for it!

And remember - if you are having a bad painting day go watch HGTV and drift off into Fantasy Land - maybe you’ll even win a house!

Then I’ll feel your pain.

Here is my new favorite brush. 
It's a "Silver" Black Velvet, #6.  It's soooo soft, like a sable but at a tiny price, and as you can see the tip
comes to a tiny sharp point.  And, best of all, it holds TONS of paint.  I think I also have a slightly
larger one, but this one has been my steadfast partner on my last few paintings.


Carrie'sCreations said...

Hi Deb, I'm an HGTV addict also. I will say these "million dollar programs" and the Candy Spelling specials have really put a perspective on things. The richer you are the more you acquire and the more expensive it is, but in the end we all end up overwhelmed by this stuff that we can't take with us when we head to the pearly gates. As I writing this I've just taken a break from cleaning out my boys room (2 & 5) so we have room for all of their Christmas loot--Oh the irony!! Loving this new painting and wishing you fabulous 2012!!

RH Carpenter said...

Your post had me smiling, then laughing, and then smiling again - not a bad thing for just a few paragraphs! Windy? Yep, crazy windy today but it beats snow (which is my new mantra: raining cats and dogs? beats snow; the wind whipping the house with tree limbs? beats snow; got a sore foot from drinking too much rum at a New Year's Eve party and kicking something without knowing it? beats snow! ha ha See, it works for everything! Happy 2012! And see ya Wednesday (remember, it beats snow!!).

Anonymous said...

Oh, Candy...would you be interested in selling your throne since you've had to give up the ballroom? She didn't think my phone call was helpful. Imagine that?
Funny funny post.

debwardart said...

Carrie, guess we all retain too much stuff - but, seriously, 100 rooms!!! Love your paintings and happy your career is going so well.
Rhonda - did Wednesday beat snow???
Hi Barb, glad you enjoyed this post and hope you return!

laura said...

Thank you for the brush recommendation!
12/12/12 will be my birthday--could be very dramatic! ;-)

debwardart said...

Laura, I love the brush. We shall see if your dramatic birth date is a beginning or an ending!