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Monday, October 14, 2013


Flights of Fancy
The WSI annual juried show is hanging at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, 4000 Michigan Road, Indianapolis, IN – a gorgeous facility, light filled, magnificent paintings. Mike and I drove up Sunday and had lunch (a “Monet Salad” – even though Matisse is the featured exhibit!!!!) in the IMA café before taking a look at the show before the awards ceremony. I think it’s so much better to really view a show when no one is there!

Then it was to the lecture hall where the awards ceremony took place. New signature members were introduced first, then award winners. As our name was called we went up onto the stage while our painting was displayed on the theater screen – my painting looked great in HUGE mode!!! We were given our awards and read what Pat Dews had to say about our paintings, then we waited off to the side – after all awards were handed out we had our group photo taken – the worst part of any awards ceremony – I always get pushed to the front since I’m short – and I always take the worst photos. Oh well . . .

Then we headed upstairs to the exhibit. Since we’d already seen it I just wanted to go back up and take another look at the winners in person, and chatted with a few people. Then it was time to return home – and we didn’t get lost – (I always get lost in Indy) – except for going the wrong way in the parking lot!!! In all fairness, it wasn’t just me, there were other people backing up and turning around, too!!!

My painting “Flights of Fancy” will hang from October 13 until December 1 at the IMA – second floor – turn left and enter the tall glass doors, then turn right and walk to the end of the hall – past the Matisse exhibit (‘cause, gee, who’d want to look at HIS paintings when there are fabulous watercolors at the end of the hall –LOL) – look for the sign on the right hand side and there are all of the pictures lining the end hallway.

Mine is second from right.

I’m hanging in a MUSEUM! Next to Matisse and not far from paintings by Georgia O’Keefe and Norman Rockwell! I’m so impressed (LOL!).

Oh yes – here is what Pat Dews had to say about my painting: “This painting is impeccable in its skill and contains outstanding paint quality.  It is a very strong painting with excellent composition and movement."

Here are some of the other paintings which Mike and I liked - before we saw the winners!   And guess what - we picked several of them, too!  (These photos aren't great due to glare on them).

The Time Keeper, Teresa Altemeyer
Wilbur Meese Memorial Award - top winner. 
Obviously I liked it before I knew it was a winner since all photos were taken before the awards ceremony!

Girls - South Kenya Tribe, Jean A. Smith

La Cathedrale de Sainte Anne A Sens, Robert L. Bratton

Breaking Point, Robert A. Meyers
Founders Award

Historic Reflections, Cheryle Lowe
WSI Past Presidents Award
This one is amazing!

Polished Gems, J. Anna Roberts
Another amazing one - but, sadly, not an award winner.

Mykonos Moment, Paula Dearringer
Floyd Hopper Award

Maine Course, Jeanne McLeish

Spotted Turtle Composition, Brian Gordy
Hoosier Award of Excellence

Prairie Hunter - Cheetah, Dorothy Chase


RH Carpenter said...

Congratulations, Deb! WOW! Hanging with Matisse!

Ginny Stiles said...

Thanks so much for the close ups of the art works.
It is a wonderful show!!!!
I am so impressed!

lotta joy said...

A hundred years ago, I was taught water color by RAY DAY. I painted precisely, and he was always pushing me to paint loosely. The minute he became a recognized artist, HE suddenly went for the precise and tight paintings. lol

I ended up in the Watercolor Society of Indiana Southern Juried Show. And a lose rendition of carnations won. arghh

debwardart said...

Thanks Rhonda.
Ginny - you are welcome! and Thanks!
Dana - enjoyed your blog!