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Monday, January 13, 2014


My painting on the left.   This row of people was humorous to me.
I thought I should tell them "Hey - you guys are facing the wrong way"!
My husband and I went to the opening of the Ohio Watercolor Society (OWS) Traveling Show at Middletown Arts Center (MAC) on Saturday afternoon.  This was a ticketed event, but as one of the artists I was able to get in for free and my husband at a discounted ticket rate.

As always, the show was hung beautifully and a very nice reception was held.  They always do a bang up job on their receptions, and the facility is great. 

In the foyer they had set up a table with a few of Homer Hacker’s paintings on it, with a photo printed on foam core which you could sign as a memorial to him.  Homer died in December, just before Christmas.  He was a wonderful artist who I last saw at the OWS banquet in September.  He was frail, but still full of life.  He was an amazing portrait artist – we had him come to GCWS when he was 90 and in about an hour and a half he had a completed portrait of his friend who had driven him to the meeting.  I know he will be missed in the art world.
My friend, Carolyn Hibbard's, painting - this looks beautiful in person - without the glare!
Since I had not seen the show in Oberlin, I enjoyed taking my time to walk around and inspect the paintings and speak to some of the artists.  The Vice President of OWS stood up and gave a short talk about OWS and introduced the artists who were present.

I was interviewed for our local TV station WCPO – don’t get too excited, this will only be on their website – along with the other artists present.  I’ll have to find out when this will be on the web and post that information on my sidebar in case you are interested.  My hope is that I don’t look too horrible, old and double chinned and that I don’t look or say anything too stupid!  I asked him if he could make me look like Raquel Welch but he said that’s too hard to do with video!  Drat!
Fred Graff's painting which won the top award.
Anyway, I just took a few photos of the crowd while my husband ate his way through the buffet!
Some of the crowd at the opening.  It was too hard to get photos of all of the paintings,
since every time I got set up to take a picture, someone walked in front of me.
(Oh, the travail of being short!)
It was too difficult to get more shots of the paintings (see above) but I used my new camera and was actually able to get the photos onto the blog – whew – maybe I’m learning something after all!

If you live anywhere within the Cin-Day Corridor (and if you do, you will know what I’m talking about) you should go see the show.  Dates and hours are on my sidebar.


Katherine Harra said...

I will have to be in touch with you in Late March when I DO travel the CinDay corridor, on my way to Kanuga in North Carolina. You will have to let us know what there might be to see in the area: I am always impressed by the output of your groups, OWS and the "greater Cincy" area group. This show looks amazing and professional and one I wish I could come see in person.
Thanks as always for sharing so much of what is going on in YOUR neighborhood!

Kim Shirley said...

Congratulations!!! What a wonderful exhibit to be a part of! And what a beautiful painting you created :)

Katherine Thomas said...

This is a great post, Deb! I enjoyed your homorous account of the event, but wow! congratulations on having your piece in the show, and on the TV interview! That's really awesome!

debwardart said...

Katherine, I'll have to see if there are any shows then - remind me!
Thank you Kim.
Katherine - Humor? Hmmmm . . . I speak only the truth! Glad you liked the post!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I like your painting very much.

debwardart said...

Mary, thanks!