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Thursday, January 9, 2014


I wanted to show the sizes of the cameras for comparison so I put the phone next to each.
Here we have the Kodak on the top and Sony on the bottom - no zoom.

And then with the zoom extended – Kodak on top and Sony on bottom.

You can see the difference in size!  

First the camera battery was charged, lens cover and strap attached, tripod played with and I began reading slowly through the manual. 

I told you there is nothing quick about me and electronics – I’m afraid I’ll mess up something and not be able to fix it.  Whenever anyone hands me their iPhone to show me their photos, as soon as it’s in my hand the pictures disappear!  My friend handed me her camera with 300+ photos of her daughter’s wedding on it and – blink! – no photos appeared.  Took her a few minutes to figure out why.  See - - - there is just something about me and electronics that don’t go together!

Anyway, I finally got the memory card in and began taking some photos.  Just my desk, stuff outside the window, and the cattle grazing across the lake – wow, great stuff, right?  But I was just trying to see how it looked and how difficult it is to use.  It was interesting to take the cattle photos – I took a progression of 5, from no zoom to full zoom with each camera.  Both took good photos, but with the full zoom on the Sony you could make out the cow head eating hay and full zoom on the Kodak was still in the range of whole cattle rather than heads. 

I’m already slightly discombobulated going from one to the other – kind of like my husband when he drives my stick shift versus his automatic!!!  They have similarities in their knobs and dials and buttons, but they are all in different places!
Next up is to download the camera manual and photo program.  Have I mentioned that I’m also not very good at downloading stuff into my computer and then actually finding it later???   Wish me luck!


Katherine Harra said...

Better try downloading and finding the PICTURES you are taking as well: That's the most frustrating, when they get lost! Meanwhile, have fun with your new "toy".

debwardart said...

Hi Katherine - so far haven't lost the pix, just can't work much with them yet!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

and I liked it when they gave you the actual hard copy manual.
Am I alone in the feeling that we are paying more and getting less on every level?

debwardart said...

Mary, you are not alone - no one gives you manuals any more! Too cheap to print them so they make us do it! And they are usually a joke anyway - - whine right back at ya!