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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Here we go again with a colander and tomatoes – different colander, though.  Once I realized I’d thrown mine away but wanted it back (duh, what was I thinking?) I purchased another one – and then found yet another one in white.

This painting basically was used to reinforce the lessons learned in the previous painting of silver and tomatoes.  I did a few different set ups and let the students pick the ones they wanted to paint – some easier, some more difficult.  One of my students had brought in some beautiful blue fabric and gave it to me, so I used that as the backdrop.  Two students chose to do two paintings.  Of course, I didn’t get photos of them all (so what else is new!)

I THINK this is mine in progress – but my students are getting so good, it’s hard to tell!



Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Deb - this is the composition and how the shadows tie in...just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

martinealison said...

Je suis très admirative !
J'apprécie de voir l'évolution de votre travail.
Vos élèves sont à la bonne école !
Gros bisous

debwardart said...

Thank you Debbie and Martine!

Katherine Thomas said...

I really appreciate seeing step by steps like this. What a gorgeous piece, Deb. I love the composition and the colors and flow of everything. It has a nice feeling to it.

debwardart said...

Katherine, I also like seeing WIPs - it's just fun to watch the whole process and sometimes get insight into other artists' processes.

laura said...

No rest for the weary, eh, Deb? :-)
This is a subject I, like so many others, always love--the positive/negative of the colander holes ... and your painting of it is really stellar!

debwardart said...

Thanks Laura - seems so many artists are drawn to the same subjects.