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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Can you see the white one with his big orange beak!  (Top row on the right).  He's blinding in the sunlight!
Last Easter a friend purchased two ducklings and presented them to her great-niece.  Amazingly, her niece handed them back to her at the end of the day!  So they ended up coming back home with her.  And then, who knew, they ended up at our lake! 

(Gee, didn’t see that one coming!)

They were too funny – when placed in the water they flapped their wings and feet and ran so fast they actually did walk on water to get out of it!  They spent the first few days at their new home holed up under the rowboat!  Seems they finally decided they were ducks and I’d see them swimming around.  One was white, the other brown.

After a while I saw the white one frequently, not the brown one.  (Life in the country . . . )

Now that it’s fall, I see the white duck quite frequently swimming with the mallards that are passing through.  He (she?) doesn’t seem to befriend the mergansers, though.  Guess the mallards think it’s the King (or Queen) of ducks, judging by how much larger he (she?) is compared to them!

I’m hoping he (she?) makes it through the winter, but I do not have very high expectations.

Thought you might enjoy the photo!

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