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Monday, January 19, 2015

AcrylicWorks 2: Radical Breakthroughs

I received a surprise Saturday.

My friend Chris Beck emailed me to say she had seen a Northlight promotional email with my work featured.

When you enter most competitions your entry is an agreement for your work to be used in promotional materials.  (If you are like me, you sign the waiver so you can enter the competition, but never expect your work to actually be considered good enough to be used!)

Nevertheless - after receiving her email, I looked on my phone and, sure enough, there was my painting featured in the promo for the new AcrylicWorks 2:  Radical Breakthroughs book.

I immediately showed it to my husband, I was so excited!  In case you are interested - here it is!  (Scroll down to 3 - Still Lifes)
NEW in the North Light Shop: AcrylicWorks 2
AcrylicWorks 2: Radical Breakthroughs
Edited by Jamie Markle

What is considered a radical breakthrough in art?

The second edition in the AcrylicWorks series works to showcase radical breakthroughs from over 100 top contemporary acrylic artists - whether it's a unique use of color, a different approach or style, an unusual subject matter, the method of painting, composition, or creative brushstrokes. Discover insight from each artist on their work and learn something new, delight your eyes, and find inspiration to create your own radical breakthroughs.

Inside AcrylicWorks 2: Radical Breakthroughs you will find:
  • Artwork from 116 acrylic artists
  • 126 works paired with fresh from the studio insight from the artists themselves
  • A variety of subject matter including landscapes, people, still lifes, animals, and abstract art
Retail: $35.00
Your price: $24.92
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Take a look at several included works and hear from the artists:
Another Crossroads | Acrylic on panel | 30" × 80" diptych

"The process begins with a long hike, bottle of water, sketch pad and camera. All of my landscape work is derived from my experience in nature. I take many pictures, inspired notes and sketches. I combine these experiences in the studio and compose my work. Painting an idea can take on a life of its own, and I have found it is best to follow that muse rather than fight it." --Darien Bogart
DISCONNECT | Acrylic and Inktense pencils on canvas | 36" × 30"

"Viewing old photos opened the floodgates of memory for me. I started painting these figurative pieces, telling the stories of my difficult childhood. It was as though the paint could not hit the canvas fast enough. They became my healing journey, an absolution between me and my mother. The painting starts with a rough sketch of a pose and stylish clothing from one of the old photos. Symbolic items are added as the story grows." --Marla Thirsk
Poured Yupo Peony | Fluid acrylics with tape on Yupo | 13" × 19"

"Having been asked to do a demo pouring paint onto Yupo, I chose fluid acrylics rather than watercolors. I drew a peony, one of my favorite flowers, easy to draw and paint. To save white areas I used masking tape, then poured the first layer of paint. Additional pouring layers were created using blue painter's tape, which released easily, not pulling paint from the painting, and allowed paint to bleed underneath." --Deb Ward

Pima Cotton | Acrylic on PVC board | 11" × 15 1/2"

"I remember taking the photographic reference for Pima Cotton at a zoo. That in itself is unremarkable. It's the fact that this western cottontail was deftly hopping around feeding on grass under the hooves of a group of Burchell's zebras. As they walked around, the bunny seemed to want to stay in their shade in spite of being in peril of getting stepped on." --T.J. Lick
What Lies Beneath | Acrylic and heavy gel on canvas | 20" × 16"

"One of my most popular workshops is "Experimental Acrylic." What Lies Beneath began as a demo for my class using large swaths of thinned black paint to create a strong design. I allowed drips to form and the mostly rectilinear shapes were then filled with either heavy gel applied with a palette knife or brush, or thin glazes of transparent colors." --Kay Brathol-Hostvet
Learn more and claim your copy of AcrylicWorks 2 today!

3 - Still Life


RH Carpenter said...

This is worth shouting about!! Congratulations!

Katherine Thomas said...

That's so exciting, Deb! Congratulations! Your piece looks fantastic there, and your informative comments are very clear and helpful to readers. Hmm.... maybe your own instructional book is going to be next!

Barb Sailor said...

Congratulations, Deb, on this recognition and contribution to this book. You can be proud of this and all the awards and recognition in recent years. Your work is wonderful and so worthy of this.

Carol Blackburn said...

How cool is that!

laura said...

Congratulations, Deb. You are certainly in very good company--all of the paintings are great!
And I love your headline painting--great subject and colors!

debwardart said...

Thanks to all of you!