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Friday, January 30, 2015


This last painting was created on Twinrocker Paper.

There is a story about this particular paper.  W a a a a a y back in the 1990's I visited the Twinrocker Paper Company with some other students from the watercolor classes I was taking.  The facility is located in Brookston, IN, just north of West Lafayette (home of Purdue University).

We all drove up together and had a tour of the facility which, as you can see from their website, you can still do today.  As I recall, it didn't cost us much, and we had lunch at a small diner just down the street.  I recall the most delicious soup and sandwich - maybe I was just famished, or it was truly delish!  Have no idea what the name of the place was, nor if it still exists.

Our tour was very informative as well as warm and moist!  It ended in a room filled with newly made paper!  All shapes, including circles and ovals, and all sizes.  I purchased about 5 pieces of full size paper and a couple of smaller ones.  When I got home I put them away since they were hand made and precious.  I decided to wait until I was a better painter before I used any of them.  They have resided inside the bag they came in until this year!

When I was looking for paper for this particular painting I finally decided that I was ready for the Twinrocker!  About time!!!

The paper is not competely flat as other w/c paper, and has more movement - little hills and valleys.  I'll be curious to see how, or if, it will flatten before I frame it.  It is also  about an inch smaller both width and height.

It handled very well as far as taking the paint - of course, this was acrylic versus watercolor, so I'll be curious and excited to try another "precious" sheet for a watercolor painting.

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RH Carpenter said...

I, too, have a few pieces of Twinrocker and am waiting until I'm a better painting and deserving of it! ha ha I think you've been ready for a long time to use this - will wait to see how the watercolor takes to it.