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Monday, January 30, 2017


Showing the size of the brush

Enlarged so you can read the brush
My current favorite brush is a Silver Brush Black Velvet Small Jumbo Round.

Now that's a mouthful!!!  Also something of an oxymoron!

It's a great brush, very soft and holds tons of water.  I've had it for probably a year before I began using it, and now wonder why it took me so long!

I began using the Black Velvet brushes several years ago and would highly recommend them.  They are inexpensive enough that if the point dulls you don't spend a fortune to replace them, but they act very much like an expensive sable.


RH Carpenter said...

I use only these Black Velvets, too, Deb - very nice and at the price, you can buy 2 of each (unlike the kolinskys!). Small Jumbo Round - kind of like Jumbo Shrimp?? Huh? Got your birthday card (picked up the held mail today) = thanks!!!

Deborah Nolan said...

Dear Deb I have seen others using these brushes. Ate the available at Kerry's Artorama or Cheap Joe's. Will be on the look out for them. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

Ginny Stiles said...

Gosh I have a black velvet I haven't used in ages. It is, however, a 3/4" flat.
I go through periods of using a lot of flats and then back to rounds.
My favorite round right now is a #10 Jack Richeson. Have you tried them?

debwardart said...

Yes, ladies, these are great brushes.
Rhonda, I agree - I have purchased a few extra on sale and they are in my "stash" for whenever I need them.
Ginny, I have not used any Richeson but imagine they are good brushes. I usually like flats better than rounds, but this one is coming in so handy!
Deborah - I think I get mine at Jerry's.