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Friday, May 16, 2008

Yupo Images and Health Issues!

I managed to find a couple of Yupo pictures to post here - seems like Yupo is once again the hot item. The painting on the left was done in a class and was the first thing I ever painted on Yupo; I thought it turned out well and I sort of liked the challenge of the surface.

I tried another one (on the right) on my own and it didn’t turn out too badly. However, after that I decided that Yupo just isn’t for me. Best wishes to those who want to push themselves to become adept at it’s idiosyncrasies, but after framing Yupo pictures, I have issues with it.

‘nough said – just thought I’d put these up and you can take a look if you like.

On another note, it seems like the more steps forward I take the farther behind I get!

My son got sick on Mother’s Day and then gave whatever he had to both me and my husband on Tuesday morning. Somehow I managed to get to a class, counting down the hours, then minutes, until I got back home. (I completely covered the front seat of my car with plastic bags and towels and carried a towel with me, if that gives you an idea of how I felt!). Anyway, got home and went immediately to bed (didn’t even take anything out of the car or close the garage door) to find my husband already there. So I’ve had a couple of fun days, feeling better, then worse. Today I think I’m on the mend but my husband looks a bit gray around the gills and still feels bad.

So, you may be asking “What has this got to do with art?” As mentioned, I did manage to get to one class but had to cancel the rest of my Tuesday and Wednesday classes. It just seems that as soon as I get some classes going well, along comes “Life” to mess it up!

Oh well, hope springs eternal and the sun is shining right now. I’m going outside, pet the dog, go fill up the car in preparation for tomorrow and smile. I may even get around to working on some ART later this afternoon (after yet another nap!).

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