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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I was asked to give a short demo to a local arts organization I belong to.

“Hmmmm, what can I do that will keep people occupied for an hour or so?”

I decided to take the demo I had started at the art fair and another painting begun a while back, also a floral, and show the group two different supports (Arches 140 CP and Lana 140 HP) and two different ways of painting a flower.

Above is the basket of mums from the set ups I did back in November. What drew me to this picture is the shadow – (but can I make it lively and colorful? - that’s always hard).

On the painting of the mums (below) you can see my notes on the masking tape around the painting – I like to make notes of the colors used so if I don’t get back to it for a while it won’t be a guessing game when I restart it. If I don’t tape down, then I’ll write either on the back of the painting or on the photo I’m painting from. This is on Arches 140 CP. I started with an overall wash on the flowers of Quin. Gold and Hansa Yellow, then used Raw Sienna, Q. Gold and Burnt Sienna on the basket.

Basket in progress:
My plan for the demo was to work first on the mums and basket and then, if there was time left, I’d work on the rose.

There was a pretty large turn out, think I counted 26. The group is made up of artists painting in various media, so some of them were quite interested in the watercolor while others were not. However, I did get some nice comments on the presentation. One lady said she enjoyed it even though she did not paint in watercolor. One lady, an oil painter, was horrified to learn that we watercolorists turn our paintings over, wet them down and iron them to make them flat again!!!

After working on the basket of flowers, I only had a few minutes to show a couple of petals on the rose. (Think maybe I talked too much and didn’t paint enough).

This rose (below) is on Lana 140 HP and is done differently from the flower basket. With this one I painted petal by petal, very wet with just a touch of color; a few got darker than planned, but that’s life! I will finish this one up with a darker background (I think???) and post it “whenever”!
Rose – in progress


Deb Léger said...

I hope we get to see the shadows of the mum basket! It is such a great shadow with loads of possibilities.

What a great demo that must have been. Both paintings will finish up beautifully I'm sure!

I wish Cornwall, Ontario was much closer to you and Sandy and Rhonda!!

Vicki Greene said...

Both of these look wonderful. I too love the basket shadows and hope you show a picture of the finish.

RHCarpenter said...

These both look beautiful, Deb, and brave you to do such a complicated painting for a demo! Would love to see you tackle that shadow shape.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Beautiful to see your touch with watercolor. They were a lucky group to get to watch you do a demo that was so thorough and also so complicated.

debwardart said...

Deb - fortunately, due to the internet, Cornwall isn't that far away!
Vicki and Rhonda - when it's done I'll post - but don't hold your breath(s)!
Sandy - Thanks, but I'm afraid it wasn't really a good demo :-[

sroeder2 said...

Finish them both. The floral is BEAUTIFUL!