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Friday, March 20, 2009


There is an interesting phenomenon of what I call “clones” - paintings that are almost identical.
NOTE: I do not mean this in a bad way, it's just a fact of the art life!

I’m sure you have all seen paintings of the Maine lighthouse which I think is Portland Light (I could be wrong, feel free to correct me) that are all similar. I’ve been told that when you visit that place there is one place to stand below the lighthouse to get a good photo, so many artists get that same picture and then paint from that photo.

In a local town there is an old feed mill that is quite picturesque. Once I discovered it I thought I would paint it. Gee, imagine my surprise to find that it had been painted ad nauseum by tons of other local artists! (So I never did paint it).

Another place that has inspired many CLONES (similar paintings) is the view from the bridge over the Grand Canal in Venice. My daughter took a photo from that bridge which I hope to paint some day. I’ll be in very good company, since it seems that I’ve seen that same painting done in every possible medium!

(Does the photo above look familiar???)

So, I guess that saying “there is nothing new under the sun” is really true!

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Marian Fortunati said...

Both of these are wonderful paintings and the scenes are near and dear to my heart. I met and married my husband in Venice... then imported him to California.

But I love the scenes and often try to capture the light and beauty and joy of Venice in my own way. You've done a marvelous job!! And it's great that you and your husband were able to "collaborate" happily!!