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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Here is another painting from my daughter’s photos – a gondolier. This one was so much fun to paint, even though I pushed past my comfort zone by doing a full sheet painting. I usually like to work in about ½ sheet size.

Anyway, the scariest thing about this painting was that I liked it from the start! (Usually I don’t get too attached until later in the painting process, if I think it is turning out OK).

I used 300 lb. Arches CP and I had so much fun creating the texture on all of the stone.

The gondola scared me a bit because it was so dark, and there was a “conflict of interest” as to whether the bottom of the boat should be off the page or on. My husband thought it should be on the page, but my art teacher said off the page, so I went with her suggestion. Well, my husband insisted that it stay on the page and said something like “but I guess you can’t fix it now”.

What?? The challenge was on!!!

I “erased” the bottom of the boat more than once and “fixed” that painting, at which point my husband liked it so much he paid for the frame!

The Gondolier, watercolor on Arches 300# paper, full sheet. (It's currently hanging over my piano, but it could be hanging over yours!!! If you are interested in purchasing, let me know!!)


RHCarpenter said...

Having seen this one up close and personal at a show, I know how good it is - and how powerful. Now you have the trick: paint it the way your hubby likes it best and he'll spring for the matting and framing costs! ha ha Wonder if I could do that, too?

Deb Léger said...

You can't beat someone offering to pay for the framing! Beautiful painting Deb!

Arti said...

Beautiful painting, Deb.My first visit to your blog...I will be back for more!

Arti said...

Hi Deb, its my pleasure to tag you for the passion for painting award.Pls visit my blog for details of this award, if you wish.:)